A tiny slice of success!

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A tiny slice of success!

I put this post into the category or 'overcoming challenges' because, even though I just had a bit of a binge, for the first time ever I have been able to stop myself mid flow and come to this site to figure out the precise reasons as to why I am binging.

As I am sitting here, I am still getting funny urges to go downstairs and make myself a ton of toast. Today it could be partly to do with the fact that I purged yesterday so still feeling a little malnourished. But I think for me the crux of it is: if there is nothing planned in the day time, or there is something in the back of my mind that I have been avoiding to do, I normally cope with it by eating. Saying it aloud has only just made me realised this is how I react...

The best times for me, in terms of no binging/purging, is when I am dealing with everything head on. Once I get into a cycle of achievement and happiness, food becomes unimportant. So I suppose the key is to keep getting things done. Even if they are little things, like sending something nice to a friend, it will mean that I start the day so much happier and continue to do things that make me feel confident.

As it is, I am currently feeling not so great about myself. so I am going to get to the library and at least get a good start on an essay I have been avoiding so I can sleep tonight without any feelings of loss or guilt that I haven't achieved anything today.

Much love x

"Une fois que tu as réalisés que tu peux faire ce que tu veux, tu es libre! Tu peux voler."

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Hey :) Ii think you hit the

Hey :)

Ii think you hit the nail on the head there.....it's all about planning. This doesn't just extend to meal plans but also day plans for those days when you're not at work or Uni and hence feeling more vulnerable. I know that for me boredom and being home alone are triggers....so if I have a day off I always plan how my day will go. I write myself a to-do list so that I can see my achievements as I go through the day and this gives me purpose and motivation.

Congrats on interrupting a binge :) nice one!! Hope your essay goes well and you have a productive one!


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This sounds sooo freakin'

This sounds sooo freakin' familiar! Avoiding things I don't want to do, being bored and/or home alone.. they're my main triggers. And just like you said, when I'm in that cycle of achievement and happiness, it's almost like the ED isn't there! Like food just doesn't matter!
I literally live off lists and calendars too, otherwise I wouldn't achieve anything that has to be done. It's definitely motivating to be able to check boxes on your to-do list every day and to have things to fill your time with that you would otherwise waste by b/p-ing.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately too.. Like I want to get rid of this illness because then I will be so much happier.. but it also works the other way around; when I'm happier, the ED will disappear because my life will be filled with more important things and I won't be thinking about food so much.

Starting off your day positively is very important as well, I think. Like getting up in time, being able to eat breakfast mindfully, walk the dog, do some things off your to-do list.. it really sets the tone for my day most of the time.

I hope you had a productive day at the library! :) have a good weekend lovelies!
x Suzy

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