Too much WATER?

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Too much WATER?

I wanted to post this. Maybe it will help some people. For the longest time I thought I had extremely poor circulation because I would retain water like no one's business. Every day I'd drink anywhere from 2-4L of water a day (or more somedays). I asked my nutritionist about this and she said that I should not have any more than 2 L a day. I stopped last Friday and I've noticed a significant change in my water retention. My hands and feel are normal and I don't wake up swollen!! If anyone has this problem, you may be drinking too much water. I thought the more water, the less I'd eat... and the better my body would be because I was so well hydrated. WELP, I couldn't be any more wrong... I guess it can cause all sorts of problems. She said I may have caused kidney damage and my electrolyte imbalance is probably all out of whack. So the reason I was retaining fluid is because I was drinking it in excess and flooding my insides with water, so when I didn't drink my X amount of Liters, I'd retain and thus- swelling occured.

What is comes down to is really trusting the SE plan and accepting the weight fluctuations. I know I hurt my body a lot and abused the shit out of it. I have bad days where I can't believe I can eat as many carbs as she reccommends, but she said I need to trust the plan...cut down on vigorous excersise and focus on a regular eating pattern. It's extremely difficult and hands down one of the hardest things I've done thus far, but I realized that I am preventing my own self from enjoying life and healing. No one else....... Keep on moving forward ya'll :) I know it's hard, but try to remember, all the bad stuff is temporary and for the most part reversible!






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