Tooth Bonding

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Tooth Bonding

So I am interested in getting my front teeth bonded. I still b/p 1-2x/wk. I dont want to get my teeth bonded until I know I am ready and have stopped for a little while. I also want to get them badly cause my teeth suck.

Anyone ave experience with bonding or veneers?

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DO NOT get any repairs done

DO NOT get any repairs done until you stop purging! I have spent so much money on bonding and most of them have fallen out. This was of course when I was still purging quite a bit... I plan on getting veneers one day but stuck with the bondage for now bc its much cheaper! Just another reason to recover but trust me if you have it done and continue to b/p you are just throwing your money away. That was my experience.

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no. sort your eating first.

no. sort your eating first. really really really...

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I have had my teeth bonded

I have had my teeth bonded three times- the same tooth because it keeps on breaking. stupid bulimia.

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