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tooth trouble

I seem to B/P once every 2 weeks roughly. Its just the 1 binge then a desperate panicked purge and then back to structured eating. It makes me feel physically disgusting afterwards for at least a day. I mainly notice how much I worry about my teeth, I know it must be awful for our stomachs and digestive systems but I honestly walk around thinking my teeth are going to fall out and inspecting them in the mirror. It makes me feel so guilty as I used to have good teeth. So apparently we should not brush after and instead rinse out mouth with baking soda. Does anybody know how long after the purge until we can brush again?


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I have no idea about how long

I have no idea about how long after a purge we can brush. Have you google'd it? I am glad to hear you are having about two weeks bp free. That is huge! I remember a time when I was doing it for every meal - my life seemed consumed my it. Have you tried the techniques in the book for not purging? The just stop everything physically during a binge really helps me a lot. Many positive vibes your way! Te quiero tambiƩn! :)

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I always waited for about 30

I always waited for about 30 to 45 minutes after rinsing with baking soda and chewing up antacids. The deterioration in my teeth slowed. The best thing to do is to quit purging obviously! You can!

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