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Top tips for recovery

Hi everyone, i thought it would be nice to start a thread just dedicated to tips and hints for everyone to use on their recovery journeys. It doesn't matter how obscure it is or whether or not it will work for some one else, the idea is to share and congratulate yourself for being so clever for thinking it up and applying it :)

To kick it off one of mine is ... Taking a visual food diary, I find it far too easy to use written food diaries as a get out of jail free card - if its written down, it doesnt count! haha but if i take a picture it really helps because its a visual representation of where i ate, how it was presented ect :) plus its far less writing too!

Whats your hints/ tips / ideas?

In happiness xx

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Wow- that's genius! And it

Wow- that's genius! And it would be awesome to turn it into a food blog, so you can put up photos of meals you're particularly proud of and start to take pleasure in the food you prepare :D

My favourite strategy at the moment is having a "cheer up box" on hand. It's a beautiful Christmas box from Paperchase, filled with lots of happifying things:
* a very cute and huggable snoopy toy
* a Christmas card making kit
* a stress ball
* a little angel decoration with a tag attached saying "to the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world" (from my mother :D)
* a puzzle book
* Snufkin's book of thoughts (anyone else love the Moomins?!)
* a recovery journal and lots of crafty bits and pieces to fill it with
* a hot chocolate sachet (at least there used to be - that was required yesterday!)
* Sparkly stickers (Mr Men and Disney, hehe!)
* Some plain white stickers - I was thinking the other day that I may well be given triggering food at some point over the Christmas season, and one thing that has helped in the past is to label it with what snack/ meal I intend to have it with, on what day.

There are couple of bits I want to add to it too:
* a mini hot water bottle
* a cross stitch kit
* a really good novel


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Amazing idea :D My tips :

Amazing idea :D
My tips : drink something hot like tea Or coffee after meals and avoid chewing gum

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The food diary idea is genius

The food diary idea is genius for recovery. I refused in the beginning since it was too much work. But I constantly found myself worrying about whether I ate too much or too little. After I figured out the amount of calories I needed, based on my body type and activity level I started to log in my meals and snacks. It really helped me understand how much of healthy eating is ok to have. I always know if there is room for a little bit more here and there. However I’m definitely following the structured eating. It sounds like a lot of work but if you go to they have all the tools for you to calculate the calories. Their food database is enormous and everything has a nutrition label. It does all the work for you. The best thing about the website is that at the end of the day it tells you how well you did on taking the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals included. I’ve been a little hesitant on suggesting the site to the Bulimia Recovery members because it talks a lot about calories and somehow it could get you obsessed with it. But as long as you put it in a good use, and make sure you are getting the proper nutrition without restricting food then it might help. In the end of the day I find out even though I ate all my meals and snacks there is still more calories I could have eaten. Again I am not sure if it will work for everyone but it certainly helps you eat healthy and keep track of your weight. I have never been underweight so I tailored my caloric intake to “maintaining weight”. However, I’ve gained since I started because I am finally feeding my body and is storing a lot more than it’s supposed to, but slowly I’m getting to the point where I’m maintaining my weight.
Hope this helps….it has helped me and it’s made me aware of how important food is to my body, and if eating the healthy stuff we can enjoy so much of it. And don’t forget: STRUCTURED EATING really helps!!!

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Start a new hobby! I had so

Start a new hobby!
I had so much extra free time when I stopped B/Ping, that the boredom soon became my biggest trigger. I've always loved running, but you can only do that for so long each, I learned how to knit! Believe me, I made fun of my sister when she suggested I try it. But after seeing all the awesome projects she created, I gave in, and now I'm hooked! It's so relaxing and the beanies make perfect gifts!

I urge you to try it, or ANY other hobby as an alternative to binging. It has saved me!

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

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Great idea for a forum topic!

Great idea for a forum topic! I've been b/p free for over 7 weeks now and feel great. There's one thing that I don't find I need much now but that was really helpful in the beginning. I bought a little kitchen timer (it has a magnet and is stuck on my fridge so I see it) and after a meal, (especially one where I felt particularly anxious and had urges) I told myself that I could do whatever I wanted in 10 minutes. So I finished my meal and set the timer for 10min (or longer if need be). I then kept busy, like watched TV or checked email, and by the time the timer went off my urges were gone. It helped control my urges/anxiety and also made me realize that all feelings eventually pass, no matter how bad they are. I hope this helps someone out there!

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What fantastic ideas from

What fantastic ideas from everyone! One of the biggest steps I think in recovery is being strong enough to find out what works for us, and stick to that. So congratulations to everyone for taking that first step and sticking with it =)

I have found three things that really seem to work for me. The first is my 'star chart'. This is something that my teacher mother suggested and I felt totally retarded using it at first. She prints up blank calendars, and every day that I do not b/p I put a star sticker on. Some days are really hard.. and I feel so good about putting the star on at the end of them! It is also a helpful and comfortable way for my family and friends to ask or see how I am doing. (I'm pretty open with my bulimia, it helps me that everyone close to me knows about it) Instead of feeling awkward and asking "so.. hows the throwing up thing going?" They can ask about how my star chart looks, or see it at my house.

The seccond is to just literally put things down the garbage disposal. If I feel at ALL like I might have a problem with something I have made, right then or even later on, I put it down the garbage disposal to avoid a binge. It seems like if I THINK I might have a problem later.. and find myself trying to decide whether or not somthing will be an issue, it will be. If I feel like this about some of my food, even if I feel full and kind of WANT to eat the rest of it even though I know it will piss me off later and cause a b/p, I quickly put it down the disposal. This has helped me alot!

Last if i am feeling like I am having a hard time or a bad day, I get dressed and just force myself to leave the house. I call my mom, my dad.. someone in the car while driving and tell them that I am having an issue. Even if I dont call anyone I go somewhere that makes me happy, like the pet store (who doesn't like puppies!) and cheer myself up.

Hope this helps someone!

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

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Wow I love how unique and

Wow I love how unique and resourceful every one is here :) I use stars too in my calendar - one for no b or p and two for none of either :) helps stop me counting and looks pretty too. Keep it up - I look forward to seeing more


"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them"

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I have a lot of alone time at

I have a lot of alone time at work, and I kept buying fast food and b/p at work during the day :-( I started leaving all of my money at home. That urge to binge usually shows up once a day, but too bad for ed, I can't go buy anything! And the urge usually passes.. This has helped me so much!

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to keep out the sadness
also keep out the joy.

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Nikki- I love your stars

Nikki- I love your stars idea, I am going to start doing that! Having a positive visual (with lots of nice shiny stars I hope) that I see everyday when I come in and out of my apartment would be helpful.

I like the idea of the picture log too! I have been keeping a log on the computer, but sometimes just that alone doesn't keep me from overdoing it.

I just started a twelve week training program for a half marathon because I love to run. It has really helped me fit regular exercise into my schedule without it being compulsive. I feel a lot stronger and healthier already! My confidence is building because I can do the short distances that the program starts out with- I am a bit above average weight because of bulimia so I think just working toward a goal like this is helping my body image. It is also a nice stress reliever to be outside for a while (although it is going to get cold here soon). The hardest part now is avoiding b/p on my rest days.

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Yes the stars are a great

Yes the stars are a great help! Lee- I also used to leave all of my money at home so I would not binge! I actually froze all of my credit cards and cash in a huge bucket of water once, haha!

Its nice to hear that some fo your are using exercise without over doing it, i have found that to me my best strategy. I am just working on the not over doing it part.. lol <3

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.

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I am just really focusing on

I am just really focusing on structured eating. Even when I don't want to. I take my meals like medicine: "Rachel, take your breakfast. Now take your lunch. Rach, its time to take your dinner." :) Dinner's the worst for me because I'd rather snack... Still working on that.

- Rach <3

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