Traps!! Lets face them!

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Traps!! Lets face them!

I was wondering, what have you found out to be traps for yourself?


1.Watching tv. Just that empty time when you are not deciding what you want to do with ur time but just letting any show or anything take over. My mind immediately wants to start eating.

2. While eating a meal: Having more that 2 glasses to drink. Even if its water, the volume in my stomach just get me ready to purge. Alcohol is much worse as then i wont even have my rational me to convince me to calm down.

3. Wear something im not 100% comfortable about, just to look fancy for a party. There will come a part of the night when i will feel im fat and i shouldnt have worn that. Most probable that same party will trigger and episode or if not probably next day i will restrict. If i had worn the other outfit, the one i felt comfortable even if not as cute... i think it wouldnt have happened.

4. Binging at the movies. Everybody takes this huge boxes of popcorn. I need to either get the small or pay attention, even if its just pop corn, if i start eating compulsively i will bing after the movies. Now i get ready with water and some healthy snacks in my bag. I dont trust the cinemas choice!

5. That second piece of dessert. That is NEVER a good idea for me, no matter how good it was, if i think i can have a second i will eventually feel guilty. I serve a piece and eat it slowly really enjoying it. Usually i want more when im done but lately i get up and cut a half apple and while i eat it my brain automatically cuts the compulsion to keep on with dessert.

6. Letting my husband do our choice of food by himself. Sometimes i just want to be "good" to him by letting him choose all that we are eating, maybe he is cooking so i dont give any opinion. Then he shows up with his favorite pasta, bacon and cream and i just feel obliged to eat and purge. Now i always give my opinion, or if he is cooking his pasta i prepare a big, healthy salad packed with all i need and then have some of his pasta as a side dish.

7. Get too full too close to bedtime. Food kind of comes up and most times i just purge to "have a good sleep".

8. Keep chocolate on sight. I think im ok so i leave them at the salon, but then they trigger me in any second im not on guard. Now i have them in a box inside the fridge, plus they are the small ones, so when i crave one i take it out and also having them cold makes the compulsion lessen.







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