Travelling with bulimia

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Travelling with bulimia

I am going travelling for 6 months with my sister and a close friend (who doesn't know I have bulimia but my sister does). I am so worried about it ruining my experience and their experience as well if I let it take over. Has anyone been travelling and dealt with this issue before? I am worried because obviously we will be living all together in proximity and I desperately don't want to binge/purge nor do I want to lie about anything. Please help I'm really worried and my mum has threatened not to let me go if I don't think I can control myself. Any help appreciated :) xxxx


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I'm spending a semester

I'm spending a semester living with a family in Hungary right now. I thought the circumstances would force me not to purge (last summer I didn't bp for months because I was traveling around with people and frankly couldn't if I wanted to). I'm not going to lie, this has been a major battle for me and I've been facing all of my worst triggers again and again and again. That's why I ended up here actually. Your situation seems like it would be more like mine last summer though. I wouldn't bring it up with your friend unless you do have a problem, and then be honest. Telling my roommates was one of the best decisions I ever made because they were really supportive and then I was able to slowly remove my secrecy, which was liberating and I think helped me at times. Maybe being with people can help you keep your eating schedule? If you haven't done much traveling and you're a calorie counter, be aware that nutrition facts are labeled differently in different countries and might not be in a language you read anyhow. And the food will be unfamiliar. This can be a resetting point or a trigger, depending on how you allow your mind to receive it. Keep a snack on hand always (it was a huge trigger for me when I felt like I didn't have the option of eating and my body thought it had to stockpile) and make sure you do your grocery shopping before the stores close (most places outside the US close pretty early). But don't allow your fear to keep you from an amazing experience. I think it would be a great opportunity to get in touch with yourself and your friends better, and sometimes a change of scenery can be a huge aid in establishing new and better habits. Best of luck! :)

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I went travelling with my

I went travelling with my sister in the summer and it was the best thing for me....I was never in a position to binge or purge and it was good for me to be around ppl with normal eating habits and force myself to get into more of a routine. Like you I was so worried before going that bulimia would ruin it all for me but it was the opposite....def helped me :)
Have a great time travelling and make the most of it :)

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I've been travelling several

I've been travelling several times and being completely honest one trip was dreadful and I was b/p couple times an evening BUT I was alone and every time I've travelled with people then the opportunity doesn't arise , easily if indeed at all, and the proper 'normal' eating felt good - my body definitely appreciated it and settled down. You will hve moments but please don't let this wretched thing spoil memories you can make for life :). Be strong and embrace the liberty xx

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Trips have always been

Trips have always been healing for me: eating with people, sharing the space, the meal and everything... I never felt bored or lonely which are triggers for me. When I travel, I forget about bulimia. I adopt very normal eating habits because I follow others. And I laugh more, which makes me forget about how self-conscious I feel...

But for years, I refused to travel for fear of what might happen. And then, once I tried it, I realised that I was creating a scenario much worst then the actual reality.

It might be a beautiful experience for you too!

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Thank you all so much for the

Thank you all so much for the advice. I'm off tomorrow and feeling really positive. I've decided that even if I do have a few blips not to let myself get too down and just enjoy myself as much as possible! Xx


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