Tricky Situation- Help Please!!!

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Tricky Situation- Help Please!!!

Hi everyone!

Today after school, I went into the bathroom to wash my hands. When I went in, the first thing I noticed was the soles of a pair of shoes facing me under the door of a stall. Of course, I internally flipped. I tried to tell myself not to panic, that someone could just be sick to her stomach. But then I looked more closely, and there was a small pile of necklaces next to the mysterious feet. Someone who is innocently sick to her stomach would probably not have time to take off jewelry, right? She flushed the toilet, and then when she came out, I saw that she was a girl who was several years younger than I, but nevertheless someone who I know through my school musical. We had an awkward moment at the sinks where I was contemplating asking her if she was alright, but I let the moment pass because I don't know her that well.

My question for all y'alls: Should I have said anything? I put myself in her shoes and I would not have wanted anyone saying anything to me, but was staying quiet the right thing to do? And if I walk in and catch her doing it again, should I say something then?

Thanks! :-)


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Wow...that is a hard one. I

Wow...that is a hard one. I don't even know. Like you, I wouldn't have wanted someone to say anything to me, and I probably would've gotten defensive, even angry, and denied it if I were purging. Maybe you could just try to take her under your wing, get to know her on a more personal level (since you're older than her and obviously have something in common with her from the musical) and see if developing a relationship with her opens up some doors that might allow you to help her. That is tricky. Good luck...I hope you get some good advice!


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Coach Jen
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I agree. I wish someone would

I agree. I wish someone would have called me out on it early, but I would have gotten defensive too. I think befriending her might be the best thing, so you can possibly discuss it later on a personal level.

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Thank you so much! I am going

Thank you so much! I am going to try and befriend her, thank you for the good advice!

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