Uneven swollen glands?

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Uneven swollen glands?

I know swollen glands are extremely common in bulimia, but is it normal for them to be uneven? The right side of my face is a lot more swollen than my left. The left side has what I consider normal, evenly distributed swelling. The right side looks and feels like I have a huge grapefruit stuffed inside. Has anyone else experienced this? I am 5 days b/p free.

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I too have swollen glands,

I too have swollen glands, more so on my right. I notice when I go through periods of not B/P they settle down alot. I hope one day they go away for good:-)


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For some people the swollen

For some people the swollen glands could go down within a few days of no b/p, for others, it could take months. What I find really helps me is after I purge to have a cup of warm tea, I also have those hand warming pads that last a few hours but can only be used once, and they seem to help greatly if when I lay down before I go to sleep I just put them right over the glands and hold them there as I watch tv, listen to music, read, or anything really! But I do find that adding heat in different ways, helps them to go down faster and leave less of a "chipmunk" look!

xx hope it helps at all

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