University: They say pick 2 of 3: School, Sleep, and Friends. I think I have to pick from Recovery too.

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University: They say pick 2 of 3: School, Sleep, and Friends. I think I have to pick from Recovery too.

It's been a rough weekend- others talk about the pressure of being around friends and family, but I am home completely alone for easter. My family lives too far away for me to visit.

Recognize that you have people that Love You and that are There to help keep you accountable. I'm drowning in school work right now and was planing to use this weekend to get back on track, but I ended up B/Ping on a number of occasions. Libraries and Stores are closed for the long weekend, so I feel trapped in the house with my kitchen and all the work I have to do.

I thought I would come on here and vent before I try to get the work train moving again this morning. I'm back at class tomorrow- it's now or never!

I may have had a 700 cal breakfast half made of easter chocolate, but it isn't too late for a new start today, right?
Wish me courage!

5 days of class left before I have more control over my schedule. I am praying for the strength to finish this week, do well on all my final projects, and not hurt my body any more at the same time.

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Hi aedorable, I think it's

Hi aedorable, I think it's great that you're motivated to continue in your recovery. I hate to use the terms "try again" or "get back on the wagon" because it implies a failure, and I don't think a slip or relapse is a failure, simply a step in the recovery process. Both loneliness and family stress can be triggers for people, and i think it's very brave of you to admit your loneliness and motivate yourself to try again. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself with school and recovery... having too many expectations will imply a "failure" when you don't meet them. Instead, acknowledge what needs to get done and what you have done, and applaud yourself for every little thing you do.

And one other thing - the whole point of this program is that you can have a 700 calorie breakfast half made of easter chocolate and it doesn't matter! It won't be an every day thing and it's not going to set you back at all - embrace it and enjoy it :)

Best of luck to you this week!

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I'm wishing you all the luck,

I'm wishing you all the luck, just keep in there! We all have tough times but its not a permanent never ending thing remember that. Its never too late :) take care of yourself x

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Thanks for your support,

Thanks for your support, everyone. Only 4 more days and then maybe I can prioritize myself a little more!

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