Urge to binge after 3 days!

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Urge to binge after 3 days!

Hi everyone

I am having massive urges to binge. Forth day starting the program and every three days the urges come on. I am trying to not binge and purge since starting. I am totally motivates but what triggered it is having too many calories at breakfast. Have tried to compensate today not a lot but like for lunch... Anyway urges are really strong now so hd an icecream which I felt like but not the one I really wanted. Anyway it's 3pm at the moment and trying to tell self that I can eat at my next meal but feeling a bit bloated. Urge to binge last night but went straight to bed which I was proud of. I don't want to binge cause it will go down hill from there I am ready o cancel all my plans to do it but will make sure I go and hopefully it will go away:(

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I get that too! I find after

I get that too! I find after a couple days (normally one or two) I miss bingeing alot. know this doesnt sound pos but I dont want to? Its weird. Sometimes its because I have undereaten?? If you feel like you have had too much at breakfast, why dont you try splitting it and having it for 10 am snack? Eg I was going to do porridge, banana and x2 slice toast at 8am, but I found it too much... so had porridge, 1 slice of toast and 1/2 banana first, then the other toast and 1/2 banana for snack at 10. Made me less full and kept me going till lunch?? :D Xxx

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Hey:) I go through the same


I go through the same feeling every three days!!! It's so bad and annoying. I think was triggered it as I tend to fill up on vegetables well salad always especcially at dinner even though it does not go together! Like lettuce in soup or stir fry! I think it's to keep me from eating. Anyway the urge was there all day from afternoon and no one was home. There was Pringles from the lady. Anyway even though Ito over the urge that afternoon when I was eating dinner I didn't een like the taste of it because all I could taste was lettuce. So I guess my Ed said ' well this taste like shit, just go have a magnum and one choclate the go to bed' but I know that I can never stop and that then went into a full blown binge. I hate it! But in that moment I don't care. Yesterday I started to write out my meals for the day and have mixed my snacks up lie havig yogurt or muswli bar instead of fruit and trying to not have lettuce for dinner so can actually taste the food. That's my weeks goal so hopefully it helps and hopefully that advice will help u too;)

Keep strong


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You have to enjoy your meals

You have to enjoy your meals that is key. I love a good salad but that is me. I put a load of stuff in them and taste fabulous. If you have some lettuce and bottled salad dressing that wouldn't work. What I do is find safe good that I love and cook it for myself. So you need good food ideas?

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Yes I think that's my problem

Yes I think that's my problem I tend to put salad in everything and it just destroys the taste and then I don't feel satisfied. So then I tend to binge. I have started mixing my snacks and writing out a food plan for the day and try to stick to it even though I may not feel like it. I am trying to get used to eat a variety of foods. Next week I will try have a magnum and and tell my self I told need to eat it every day. Today will be the third day where tw urges come on but just gonna follow meal plan and diffuse from the thoughts I guess.

Thanks for ur support:)

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