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Hi Guys my name is Coral, I´m mexican and have been following BHM for some time now. I love this work, work it has helped me tremendosuly.

I have 2 VERY IMPORTANT questions.

1) What do you think about juicing and doing 3 days detox (of pure juices) for someone who is recovering from bulimia?

I`ve been offered to go on a cleanse but you have to start cutting out food and Im not sure its the best idea. What do you think about this kinds of cleanses and juicing for recovery? as a way to clean the body?

2)Also I´m doing some research and wanted to know between what ages are woman more prone to be bulimic?

Thank you all for your asnwers!!

Coral M

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Hey, I dont know what you

I dont know what you should do about the juice cleanse. Maybe it depends how far along in recovery you are. If you are in a safe place in recovery then maybe a cleanse is ok for a short amount of time but I dont know.
For your research, im 26 and I think became bulimic at 14. To long! Good luck xx


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I wouldn't do juice cleanse

I wouldn't do juice cleanse as such, sounds too restrictive. But if I would want to cleanse I would probably substitute juices for some snacks, and remove store bought processed foods.
For the second question, I believe majority gets ED when in their teens. maybe you'll find this site helpful if you need research:

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I don't know what the answer

I don't know what the answer is, but to give a point of view I'll just say where I'm at. I was going really well with recovery but hit a bad patch and have struggled to get back on track. I'm juicing a lot at the moment as I can't seem to face proper food. I would say going on a juice cleanse is a bad step for someone in recovery, since I'm finding it hard now to get back to eating real food again.
If you are confident that a juice only restriction won't upset your healthy eating patterns after it's finished, I would see no harm in it, but since you are questioning it before you start, makes me think you don't have full confidence you can handle it.
As someone who's found themselves in a situation where making that step back to a proper diet again too difficult, I'd definitely not recommend it as part of your recovery. It would be awful to upset the balance you have found so far. I hope this helps.


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Thank you girls SO much, I

Thank you girls SO much, I really appreciate the time you took to answer me.

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Stay away from any sort of

Stay away from any sort of juice plans, fasting plans or detox plans of any sort! Especially if you have an ED. Stay away from all diet plans of any sort if its for weight loss reasons. The only plan you should be worrying about is a healthy eating and healthy attitude to body image. Eat and snack everyday. Real food.

Also from all I have read I believe Bulimia starts in the highest cases in late teens...I myself first made myself sick at 15. However my issues started round about the age of 13 with skinny obsession and starving myself until Bulimia claimed me!

Wishing you all the best in recovery

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hello! as recovery is about


as recovery is about re-learning to eat, i think juicing might just put your real objective behind. I understand it can be a good strategy for anorexia, just to get used to ingest something at the beginning but i wouldnt recommend it for bulimia neither. Focus on your real goal and later on, maybe much later, you can experiment with juicing, detox or any of these new trends...

i started bulimia at age 14...

good luck!


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Hi lovely - why are you

Hi lovely - why are you wanting to go on a cleanse? Are you feeling clogged up/bloated or what?

I'm almost a doctor (in 8 weeks I will graduate medical school) and I know quite a lot about how the body works - your body is perfectly capable of detoxing itself - thats the job of your kidneys. Juice fasting isnt going to remove toxins. It will probably will make you feel really yucky, light-headed and starving which will likely lead to over eating. If you are feeling bloated and uncomfortable - the best thing to do is to keep going with structured eating - eat regularly and your body will catch up and digest your food. Personally - my body feels best when I eat regularly, every day. In the past, when I have restricted my food, or only had smoothies/fruit - I end up constipated and binge after a few days and the cycle of bloating and feeling yucky starts again.

Tips for bloating: drink water, eat regularly, don't restrict your food intake, get some exercise (walking is great) and just give your body a chance. Doing something drastic will just perpetuate the cycle!


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