We are Beautiful: Inside and Out, why can't we see it?

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We are Beautiful: Inside and Out, why can't we see it?

Since I struggled with body image and self hate since I was 9 and now going through recovery for bulimia, I find it so hard to except myself, and I feel as if my old ways of masking this self hate are gone, and more people can see it? In social situations, I think people ignore me or just see me as another quiet girl. Yet people sense this self hatred I have for myself more then ever without my ways to hide it, the other day at work one of my friends said, Just be yourself, you don't need to apologize for it. I feel that a low sense of self esteem for me goes along with my constant,"I'm Sorry" after almost everything I do or say. Does anyone else out there have any good tips to change this self esteem problem and to just let myself be me.

-Emi- love life, and be strong






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