We can do this together!

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Pat Mary
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We can do this together!

Hi friends my name is pat mary. I was so lost in bp that my whole liife was disappearing rapidly! I am now 48 and so determined
to recover that I am using all the tools I can and focusing on mastering SE. I have found HOPE on this site and the challenges inspire
me to do just a little better today than yesterday. I am softer and more gentle with myself and others. Isee myself in each of you and I BELIEVE in us. We are so strong to have come this far.I warmly embrace you all.I welcome my new fit firm body and welcome you all into my life ,we
understand each other.you are my new family and I can see us all reaching our true potential ,free, healthy and happy. Believe without
any inner doubt and it will come about.


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Pat, Way to go, I believe in


Way to go, I believe in *you*! Your words are so encouraging and uplifting. You completely have the right mental attitude~being one hundred percent committed to yourself and recovering.

We all will get there day by day, effort by effort, and as long as we are committed and believe in ourselves, we can't not but SUCCEED.

Thank you for posting. Your words are positive and inspiring. Go for it, all the way. This life is ours for the taking, this life is meant to be LIVED fully! We are rebirthing ourselves into new beings, stronger than ever before and ready to live a life of adventure. Cheers!

Pat Mary
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What a lovely image thanks

What a lovely image thanks Fruitone. The words succeed and live are so empowering
and help me rise above my perceived challenges and see the sunshine once more.stay positive and have a day filled with wonder.take care


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