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weight gain help

guys i need help
every time i quit purging i gain so much weight. right now i'm a nervous wreck because a month ago i stopped purging and i've already outgrown my clothes and have gained a ton. i'm not talking just a couple lbs...
i hear its water weight but it never goes away or goes down. this time its been over a month and just keeps getting worse. my digestion seems ok, i'm not in pain or anything, i've been having more frequent bowel movements, i try to eat regularly. i just dont get where the weight comes from. i am so scared i cant stop panicking.

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Laloca, This has also


This has also happened to me over the years of attempts at bulimia recovery. There are many factors that could be causing this, and to better help you (i know er are not allowed to use numbers so please try and describe the best you can without using them) please tell me a little more about yourself. What is your body type? Athletic, average, small, tall, etc. Do you feel that before the last month while you were b/p that you were at a healthy or unhealthy weight? How did this weight differ from your body type as a child and young adult?

Most importantly, please tell me a little about your eating habits up until the last month, and then tell me about those within the last month of no b/p. My fiancee is a nutritionist and personal trainer, and I am entering grad school next year as a PA, so I should hopefully be able to provide some insight for you. You are doing so well in your recovery!! I know that the changes in your body are infuriating and confusing for awhile, but please remember that you are recovering from a disease, and your body is just dealing with changes.

<3 Samantha

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