Weight gain in recovery :( HELP ME PLEASE :(

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Weight gain in recovery :( HELP ME PLEASE :(

Hello Everybody,

I am so proud of everybody reading how successful they are in recovery. It makes me feel really bad (I FEEL BAD ABOUT ME, NOT ABOUT YOU) because I never make it further than day 1 because I end up gaining about 1.5 kilos IN ONLY ONE DAY of having a real HEALTHY meal plan of SE. No cravings and no fatty foods that should make me gain weight. I think about gaining that much every single day during one week for example, and I would just be totally obese because I am not underweight right now, so I decide not to continue until I lose those kilos again and then start again with recovery.

I am trapped :(
Help me please
Love ,

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Hello Gorgeous! Honey 1.5kg

Hello Gorgeous!

Honey 1.5kg is only bloating (NOT FAT!!). It is impossible to gain 1.5kg of fat in that small space of time. Even in a week I would be sceptical- you would have to try really hard to put that much on in a week! That's the same with loosing weight, any quick losses or gains can be attributed to the fluid balance in our bodies. If you have a salty meal for instance, you can expect you body to retain fluid (not forever, just for a few days). And that is why on a lot of diets people loose a large amount of weight in the first week (up to 5kg) because they are losing water and not fat!

For example most diets that boast fast "weight" loss eliminate carbohydrates. When we eat 1 gram of carbohydrates, our body uses 3 grams of water to store it. So when people go on "no carb" diets they loose are large amount of weight quickly, but it's only water!! And you cannot live off no carbs for a long period of time, because that's the prime energy source for our brains so we will get huge binge urges, we won't be able to concerntrate, our serotonin levels will reduce so we will become depressed and we will get mood swings. So all in all we need carbs!!

SO try not to worry about fluctuations on the scale, as hydration levels in our body play a huge part in our weight and is totally unrelated to the amount of fat we have. Same goes with our menstral cycle- we can expect to "gain" up to 3kg in fluid around that time, but it's not fat so don't fret! Try to only weigh yourself once a week at the same time every week so you have a more accurate measure.

And remember- the number on the scales is no measure of how much fat is in your body. It's a measure of the force of gravity against your body :)

Jemima xx


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My advice... Get rid by your

My advice... Get rid by your scale. Honestly!! You should do it!
It is a madness to weight yourself daily. The scales are a huge stopper in recovery process.
Take it and through it away as soon as possible.
Or weight yourself 2 per month.
What do you want to measure? How much water did you drink?
Of course you will see small differences at the beginning of recovery process.
Of course you will experiment water retention or bloating.
But don't worry!!
They will go away. Your body will learn to respond correctly and to process the food and eliminate correctly the water.
Give yourself time to recover!
And please read again the Recovery book. It is clearly stated there, what you should expect at the begining of recovery.



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