weight not settling at all after 5 months?? still gaining. ..

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weight not settling at all after 5 months?? still gaining. ..

Hi there im really really struggling ive been in recovery for 5 months and im still gaining I currently am classed as morbidly obese where as with bulimia I was obese. Im so desperate as its becoming more ovious now in my neck stomach etc.im trying not to weigh myself but today I did. It's really not good. I feel heavy my clothes don't fit and even my knees are hurting. Any suggestions on what to do next would be greatly appreciated. I am scared that its going to cause more health problems in the future. Im trying so hard with my food im following the plan what is going wrong :( thankyou guys again x


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Hi there, I know this sounds

Hi there,
I know this sounds stupid but have you checked for underlying medical reasons such as thyroid, food allergies.. Thinking of you and you should feel really proud of yourself that you have stuck to recovery for 5 months despite the fear .. THAT IS AWESOME,

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Your doing well in sticking

Your doing well in sticking out recovery. Remember weight is nothing. Focus on not binging/purging. Once you have that mastered then you can look into healthier exercise /food options but the main thing in the beginning is to keep your food down. If your not purging then your not Bulimic! Yaay! See the positive side of things :)

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Hi lozzaw It would certainly

Hi lozzaw
It would certainly be distressing to be gaining a lot of weight. Have you connected with a nutritionist to determine what your SE meals and snacks would look like? Congrats on not purging....i am in my third month of no purging and much of the overeating has stopped as my body becomes nourished with what it needs. It's quite miraculous to me to find myself entirely satisfied with a meal or snack....even to the point of really unable to eat more even though I haven't stuffed my tummy...like I always did. Good luck....don,t give up....bulimia is a very difficult way to live


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