weird thinking pattern about my period!

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weird thinking pattern about my period!

So I will not go into numbers but I am underweight... not deathly think... but tooooo thin... and I still get my period regularly... and for some reason I use this as an excuse to convince myself that I am not too thin and that I could still be thinner and healthy at the same time...
Any advice on what I can do? Doe still getting a regular period necessarily mean my weight is a healthy one? How can I convince myself otherwise!

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Everyone is different, I

Everyone is different, I wouldn't say that you can base your health around just having your period. There are so many other factors in your body to consider.

If you for example take:
-You period
-measure your BMI
-look at what you eat in a day
-look at your exercise routines..

Do all these measure up? do they come together at a healthy point in the middle somewhere, then you're better off. I would not count on periods to decide, as when I was at my biggest I didn't have my periods, you can be over or under weight and still be missing nutrients. Or only just having enough to let them out by your period.

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