What is a 'bulimia hangover'?

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What is a 'bulimia hangover'?

I 've heard of the phrase ' bulimia hangover' but have no idea what it is :) does anyone else know. I've looked it up but still can't understand fully. X/x

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Like the day after you've had

Like the day after you've had a super bad bulimic episode and you feel like complete crap. Your mouth tastes like something died in it, headache, cramps, digestion/intestinal discomfort, tired, cranky, etc. It varies depending on the person and the intensity of the previous b/p.

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Bloating, headaches, mood

Bloating, headaches, mood swings, stomach cramps, my legs and back always hurt, teeth feel sensitive, things like that.
I've had WAY to many bulimia hangovers.. they aren't fun. Avoid them at all costs.

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Oooooooh. For me it's


For me it's terrible. My mouth is dry and my throat burns. On my worst day, my rib cage was sore, and my lower back hurt. Also, you get really bloated and feel super fat, and your face is puffy. And like Has.Hope stated, your teeth are sensitive too.

Plus, you feel like crap overall.


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Really when people say I have

Really when people say I have done such a good job at not purging I feel like it was not really that hard once I started recovery do to the fact my purging hangovers are the top now.

It takes a few days for me to recover from after a purge. Purging irritates my throat so much and I almost feel like it starts to close up after the first bit of digested food starts to come up. My lymph nodes haven't been a normal size since I first got them checked at 14. Not to mention edema in my ankles, calves, feet hands , and belly has been constant for the past two years. Also the hangover phase really messes up your digestion for the next day.

I did not do stop purging alone so I don't want you to be alone either.

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For me if it was feeling

For me if it was feeling "puffy" and of course the "chipmunk face." Immediately after the purge I would feel like I should go to the ER for a heart attack. I felt soooo tired, sometimes too tired to purge the whole binge up. I would often fall asleep, promising myself I would finish the purge upon waking up after a short nap, but the "nap" would be a few hours long and nothing but acidic vomit came up. I would feel like hell the next day, like someone was putting a hot wire on my brain, my whole abdominal area would ache and I would even have brusing around my diophragm. My fingers/hands would swell. I'd be really irritable. Like a alcohol hangover in so many ways plus emotional shit like guilt and anxiety and self-hatred.

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