What are your meal planning ideas and tips that really work?

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What are your meal planning ideas and tips that really work?

I thought it would be a good idea for people to share their tips and meal plan examples for a typical day that ACTUALLY works! Any tips or patterns you have all noticed as well, just to help bring together an overall conclusion here that we can all see and compare ourselves! I, like most, am struggling to stay focused due to relapsing and binging, despite doing structured eating and planning or eating every 3 hours etc... but still struggle to stop the cravings!

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hi! thats a good idea! I like

hi! thats a good idea! I like seeing other peoples meal plans for ideas :) heres what I ate yesterday and today:
breakfast: Banana, baby food custard 110gm
snack: baby food apples and mango
lunch: salad with lettuce, tomato, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber (really big salad)
snack: Apple
dinner: salmon steak with delicious chutney potatos and salad.... soooo delicious!!

breakfast: apple and babyfood custard
snack: baby food apples
lunch: roast chicken sandwich
snack: coffee and half sumo salad wrap
snack: caramel slice
dinner: stirfry vegetables with chicken and rice
desert: dates with babyfood custard.... and an apple
I ate a bit more today because i was really hungry and I have been eating fairly healthy lately so i didnt feel too guilty about the caramel slice however it did give me some bingy feelings. it might be a bit too early in my recovery to be introducing trigger foods so I might try and avlid sweets as much as I can for now. Ive been eating LOTs of baby food lately as snacks as Ithey are mainly fruit and pretty yummy :)

I definitely think eating something small for breakfast helps me and saving my biggest meal till dinner although its better for our bodies if its the other way around. good luck!!

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I think protein for breakfast

I think protein for breakfast makes a good start to the day.
For example you could have one of the following:

Scrambled Eggs with brown bread
A poached egg with toast
A boiled egg

I think these are very satisfying options.

I also think going to the effort of making a substantial dinner really beneficial. Often I feel like Im not that hungry for dinner or im too lazy. When I don't having a good meal I end up snacking on far more than I would have if Id just made dinner!!
Snacking doesn't give feelings of satiety which is really important in preventing binge urges for me personally.

So if I had one piece of advice it would be to go to the effort of preparing a good balanced meal, it will be worth the effort! I will be practising what I preach later because I know deep down that this is key to success in SE.

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Well. I try to eat really

Well. I try to eat really healthy. It is part of my eating disorder I guess.
Breakfast usually a piece of whole wheat toast, cashew butter and banana

Snack- trail mix I make myself with a variety of nuts and dried fruits

Lunch is a huge salad with everything in it. Lettuce, onion, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber,broccoli, feta cheese, avocado. Also some plain yogurt and fruit

Snack trail mix, or yogurt, or protein bar.

Dinner chicken with brown rice and vegetables. Then maybe something like fruit or I eat dried figs and herbal tea.
This is how I eat on a good day anyway. Today was not such a good day and I ate way too much.

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What i find works super well

What i find works super well for me so far is as follows:
Breakfast: bowel of advantage special k and a milo
Snack: half punnet of stawberries
Lunch: alfalfa,carrot and tuna sandwich. The bread has to be brown and full of seeds, the heavier the better
Snack: half punnet of strawberries and 2 choc chip biscuits
Dinner: vegie stirfry with vermicilli and protein of your.choice.

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Btw i really really absolutly

Btw i really really absolutly hate salad, and ive been feeling so guilty about this but it talking to my nutritionist, she said its ok, i dont have to eat salad... Lifes too short. So the moral of the story is if you dont like something even if it is healthy, dont eat it... You dont have to!

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A tip on salad: I'm not big

A tip on salad: I'm not big on them, so I put spinach and kale in my Vitamix blender with a bunch of other good stuff (e.g., celery, carrots, a beet, some ice and water, and chocolate protein drink or apple juice to make it taste good) and drink my salad!

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hello, that's how my sister

hello, that's how my sister eat- shes recover, I cant because of many reason - and the biggest of them is that I eat my triggers food- and when i start i binging, and i steel restricting, starving, so there is no option to get better... she dos not eat sweets, nuts, bread, fast food, i know for some people (like for me) is not possible to not eat them, but every time I look at her I think is worth it..... Her food is cooking by herself, she care a lot about that, sometimes she wake up earlier to prepare everything for all day, I'm too lazy but i know its worth a lot...she don't crave anything because her meals are balanced, and believe me she eats a lot, and when she start eat like that she lost a lot of weight...funny hmm? because she always was like me- freaking about diet, eating only salad, feta cheese and apples, or nuts, she always was dieting...but when she stopped and starts eat like that::one big warm home made meal and a lot of snacks during the day - and warm oatmeal in the morning she and her life challenged , she dont have food struggles anymore, she can live her life, she dont have to worry about weight because she lost a lot eat properly meals...i hope it will be helpful for somebody, Im stupid i don't eat like she....

8 am breakfast: big bowl of oatmeal, 2 spoons of flax seed meal, sesame seeds kefir
11 am snack banana+apple (or different fruits)
2 pm lunch (the biggest meal during the day) portion of meat, or fish, portion of rice or pasta, potato, quinoa or whatever you like, steam veggies, salad (eat that much veggies you like- its something you cant gain weight)
water, tea
6 pm grapefruit or apple (or both)
8 pm 2 hard boiled eggs

she use to care a lot about meals time but now her body just tell her the time... and her challenge wasn't easy, but she did it and i am very proud of her, and jealous at the same time...shes miserable because she can not help me.
sorry for my English I know Its bad, I lost work because of it, and even more I can not think clearly now because is so late and i was bp all day long... I spended my last money for binging food ...I feel so shame and worthless. I hope somebody will has faith and check that meal plan, its worth it.


lenny valentino
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and one more thing: dont put

and one more thing: dont put to much spices on your meal, everything for the beginning should be very "nice" for your stomach, dont drink to much coffee, green tea, everything must be cooked very well, dont eat row meal - like rice, veggies must be even over cooked, that will make you digest very good, our bellies are so sensitive and tired so we have to treat them very delicate, gentle - that is the advise she gives me, and that plan make you feel not hungry all the time, no soda too... but she chewing gum at evenings- on that time when she use to binge and she keep herself busy ...


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