What to do when you feel fat?

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What to do when you feel fat?

I gained weight back in my first few days of recovery. I'm assuming most of it is needed weight and bloat weight, but it still is really hard to not just give up and relapse completely (and I'm only a few days into recovery.) If I relapse again, my body might not bounce back. So, I'm guessing that others people on here might have trouble with feeling "fat" or "bloated." What do you do when you feel like this? How do you convince yourself that it is no big deal?

"I'm halfway to happy now, and I always mistake it for progress."

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Just keep in mind that when

Just keep in mind that when the bloat cones down your belly will flatten back to normal. Mainly though I'd suggest not weighing yourself. Personally I need a tracker, so I use my clothes and hands to check myself and I haven't noticed any change other then the bloat in the last month (and that goes away relatively quick). Funny thing is I'm sure that I'm the same size as when I started recovery, but just a little extra meat on my lady curves which is actually quite becoming.

I made my own visualization technique the other night which worked rather well. Close your eyes, get comfy, visualize your food being turned into good things, repairing muscles, helping you breathe, adding weight to areas where you might like to gain some, fighting infections, so many good things our food does for us!

I was doing this after a binge 2 nights ago that I held on to, and picturing it repairing my knee, which has a torn muscle. This might sound weird but I think the positive attitude and calories really helped because the next day my knee felt so much better then it has since I hurt it 10 weeks ago

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Wow Rinny! That's really cool

Wow Rinny! That's really cool I'm going to try that. I gained a bit of "needed" weight when I started recovery. It freaked me out at first but now I am getting used to it and realising that my body looks better proportioned. I'm focusing on the good points: I have way more energy, I have stronger muscles and bones and I can do more of the things I enjoy, rather then feeling starved, tired and dizzy all say long. (my boyfriend says I am sexier now :P ) I find it impossible to resist purging after a binge, but I'm trying to reduce the feelings of guilt I get when I eat and this sounds like a great way to do it, THANKS!

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Rinny, that was a really

Rinny, that was a really great tip :) It works :)

"I'm halfway to happy now, and I always mistake it for progress."

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I remember when I hit my

I remember when I hit my "healthy weight" in recovery. I freaked out and I just felt so fat and gross and like everyone was judging me. Well, I have been that weight for a few years now and I must say, you do eventually get used to it, and I seriously don't know how I ever survived and lived when I was at a much lower weight. I think it probably takes time but you get used to being at your ideal happy weight. Plus the most amazing thing that I am so grateful for is I AM NOT FREEZING ALL THE TIME! Also your skin will look much better, your won't have severe mood swings, and your brain will have nourishment which well for me, helped me to make better decisions in my daily life. Also I never thought I would have admitted this a few years back but I am still pretty thin and it's awesome to not have to look in the mirror scrutinizing every inch of fat I think I see. I have stayed this weight for a while and it's great that I know all my clothes sizes too and I don't have to worry about buying different sizes based on how much I starved myself that week. I still suffer from bulimia, but at least I don't have to deal with the weight issues too.

Also the first few days of recovery, you are going to be uncomfortably bloated (and it hurts too). It goes away after a week or two (if it doesn't then you might have to see a doc I mean if your stomach is protruding a lot and you cant go to the bathroom...) Your metabolism revs up a lot though once your body knows you aren't starving it.


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Rinny, that visualisation is

Rinny, that visualisation is fantastic! Thank you!

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