what does hunger/fullness "feel" like?

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what does hunger/fullness "feel" like?

Well today was my 4 week without binge/purge...but then this morning i totally lost control, consuming more food than i can ever remember :(...As i sit here, my belly bursting,i find myself asking myself many questions:

1. How would you describe the feeling of hunger? I am not questioning about the urge to binge, or the feeling you get after starving yourself for a long period of time...I am talking about hunger you experience after you have been eating properly for a good amount of time...

I would describe my physical hunger as a burning, warm sensation in my lower stomach. I used to feel hungry and feel very proud of myself :(... Now when i feel hungry i try and say: "hunger is just as normal as needing to go to the bathroom" :)

2.How would you describe the feeling of satiety? I am not questioning about feeling completely stuffed after a binge, nor am i talking about when you trick your body into feeling satieted with low calorie food, or liquid...I am talking about the satiety you experience after you eat a proper healthy meal...

I would describe my feeling of satiety as a slightly heavy feeling in my gut...a small pressure...when i eat normally i feel relaxed and peaceful... my body feels bouncy and full of energy..

what about you???

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I don know..

I have a hard time establishing the difference between comfortable full and overly full. From throwing up so much my stomach is use to hurting so I never know if I'm full or just sore.. I don't remember the feeling I use to get when I ate normally. I am in love with the feeling of hunger. The burning sensation that lets me know I've succeeded in not indulging in "sin."

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I know what you mean by "sin" at the moment it is dinner time but i am still feeling hung over from this binge. I don't know if i am hungry or what my body needs :( I am a mess....

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I miss the feeling of hunger

I miss the feeling of hunger being as natural as the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom. At one point in my recovery I established that feeling for awhile. I relapsed though and now I'm worse than I was before and now I always feel like I want to eat. I crave binges all the time and the feeling of true hunger and fullness isn't something I've experienced in a long time. I would love to get those feelings back someday.

just hold my hand i think that would help.

Catherine Liberty
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For me

I think the feeling of hunger feels like emptyness in my stomach, it's a definate feeling but I think it#s hard to put into words. And it's something i've only just really started to feel on a regular basis.

I read an amazing tip on this site that says emotional hunger is not true and is actually a feeling you get in your throat. Wow is this true! Has anyone else actually stopped to feel that too? Once I managed to realise what that was It really helped with my recovery, i'd be like wow im starving I must eat everything.. but then Id realise the hunger was in my throat and if I thought about my stomach it would not have that empty feeling, it helped a lot to rationalise things to myself trying to feel where the hunger was really coming from x x

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True hunger is in the stomach.

I have been trying to work on this. I was able to recognize my emotional hunger on Saturday. I had just eaten breakfast and I was on my way back to my apartment from my parent's house(2 hours). I was so nervous about going home that I immediately felt ravenous the minute I pulled out of their drive way. I was able to recognize it for what it was and instead called and talked to friends instead. It is now easier for me to differentiate between the two. The problem is when I don't want to feel those emotions and I choose to eat anyway. It is a constant work in progress.

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This all helps so much..

Having the opportunity to see and read all of your own perspectives on subjects like this really helps me to stop and think. Today is my first True day of "recovery." I feel the burning hunger already but am afraid to start eating this morning in fear that I won't be able to stop. This is the first step I have to conquer.. I have to learn what full feels like. Thank you everyone.

xXFaith, Trust & A Little Pixie DustXx

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