What has years of bulimia done to me???

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What has years of bulimia done to me???

Its been nearly 2 years since i engaged in any sort of bulimic activity. I do not visit these forums unless i'm feeling sorry for myself usually. I was bulimic for about 8 years in total. My problem is, I still have glands that swell lots, its got to the point where i'm so used to it that i'm correctly predicting the dates that they swell and go down. I have no idea why this is happening. I have been to my doctor who brushed it off as nothing, but upon my persistance he sent me off for tests and ultrasounds and ENTs. still nothing. There is no pain and I have not persued it any further thinking if my doctor can't help me then who can???

Does anyone have any logical explanations as to why this is happening still?

I am in two minds,

a) my body is so used to the gland swelling that it is fidning it hard to adjust


b) somehow acid is still reaching my glands affecting them


c) something more serious. which i've been told its not


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It's curious that your glands

It's curious that your glands swell and go down despite not throwing up. Are you sure there isn't another explanation - i mean, there's often a cold going around, for example. Or maybe you're just hyper-sensitive to it. Especially if you're conscious regarding your appearance. Or maybe you can go and see another doctor. After all, a second or even third opinion can't do any harm. But do try not to get obsessed with it. Explain your fears very clearly to other professionals. One doctor CAN get it wrong - as we sometimes see in the press. But if three separate doctors all say the same thing, maybe there is nothing wrong, after all.

Congratulations on being recovered for so long! If you've got any suggestions or advice, feel free to sling them our way.

~Solidarity is strength~

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I have no idea. I rarely get

I have no idea. I rarely get colds. And they never got swollen before my bulimia with colds.

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i'm guessing you've been

i'm guessing you've been tested for glandular fever? mind you mine took a few months to show up on blood tests. it could also just be that you are getting an infection in the head / neck area. even little things like infected hair follicles can cause swelling.

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