Whats the difference?

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Whats the difference?

So what is the difference between the bloated belly / fullness after binging and a recovery belly? I could binge for a couple of days and have a pregnant looking stomach for a day or so but the rest of the week of eating normally, my belly goes down. Is a recovery belly something you notice if you are an everyday binger and then suddenly stop? Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm a little confused.

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Its hard to describe but for

Its hard to describe but for me, when I'm full and my stomach expands, I can FEEL the fullness. If i light push into my stomach, it still feels soft, like I can dig my fingers into the skin.
When I'm bloated, my stomach is distended and feels as tense as a fully blown balloon, or like a pregnant woman's stomach.
those are the differences I've personally noticed, maybe its different for some?

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