When do u really accept intuitive eating

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When do u really accept intuitive eating

6 months in and I'm finding it hard to really listen to wat my body feels like n not copy a healthy meal plan all the time! I found takeaways so scary but I know it shudnt! How do we just let go n know wat we want! :)

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hello Sakura! i think the

hello Sakura!

i think the best is too dont push yourself, we often think an X amount of time is enough and that we should move to next step, but truth is we all have our own rhythm. I started Intuitive eating more than a year after starting structured eating!

i have heard of many who slip back for trying to move too fast, dont worry about the next step, it will arrive sooner or later, let yourself be more confident and relaxed before going. You might also want to try to start with baby steps, like instead of eating at a definite time, give yourself a window of one hour, to eat when you prefer, and see how it goes from there....

Keep it up!!


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I agree with Walker's

I agree with Walker's beautiful description of us being individual - we all have our own rhythm. I'm at about the same place you are and I don't necessarily find it to be a defined step. I'm almost 7 months in and I'm not pushing myself directly in to IE. My body was telling me that it was time to move forward a little so I took some really small steps that were challenging, but encouraging. I do believe that we must somehow remove all "fear" foods before becoming completely intuitive. So, if you know you're finding take away foods to be scary, the you'll want to play with those a bit when you're ready. I've had a lot of work to do in that department! I did try a lot of fear foods in SE but realized about 6 months in that I still had a whole long list of them to tackle. I'm still trying to kind of re-label foods in my head and think about them in ways that don't scare me. I try to think of "sometimes foods" and "anytime foods" and so forth. It's a conscious effort right now, but I know that it will eventually be unconscious. At this point I really like structured intuition. I try not to plan too far ahead, but I make sure I have plenty of food options on hand and that I'm eating around my SE windows. I just try to wait for my hunger signals around the SE times and eat what food options are available that might make me feel satisfied without letting myself get too hungry before eating.
Have you tried re-reading the portion of the eBook that talks about the transition in to IE? I find it helpful. I like the list of questions it asks you to answer as far as assessing whether or not you're comfortable to move forward. Good luck!

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