When is it okay to inform the world about Bulimia/EDS?

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When is it okay to inform the world about Bulimia/EDS?

Hi girls,

This is a question I've wondered a lot about since beginning recovery 2 years ago. Some friends who are also in recovery are quite open about their bulimia. When someone in the workplace directly jokes or discusses ed's/ana/mia, he actually says to them that he suffers/ed from bulimia and that it's not joke. He makes something so distant to them, a reality, and joking about illness is not funny. Of course he doesn't do it hysterically.

I've really struggled with working around women the majority of the time and having to deal with "thin culture", especially when I'm trying to recovery. Comments like,

"I can't control my eating" while shoveling food down their throats,
"You look thin in that dress"
"Oh I have only eaten 1/2 bowl of cereal ALL day"
"I'm taking up running because I'm getting too fat"

This is constant and frustruating. I think many of these girls are not experiencing eds or disordered eating, but that many of them are living the way most women live these days: in constant fear and awareness of their weights.

Here's what i'm getting at: What is your girl's personal approaches and ideas surrounding expressing to friends and especially coworkers information about eating disorders or even about the harm they cause by constantly discussing these types of ideas with other women and by encouraging positivety through thinness ideals and eating less?

It's really bothering me. I'm esp. noticing it in the restaurant I work in, that many of the girls don't take time to eat, but rather complain or brag about how hungry they are.

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Hello there! I can totally

Hello there!

I can totally empathise with how your feeling - Sometimes I want to scream from the rooftops that I have bulimia in hope that someone will understand why I am often quite anxious and feeling down - Logically I know that this really would not be very helpful...

I started college last year and made friends with a girl and we were really close, One day I confided in her about my bulimia and she swore that she would keep it to herself ... problem was I was off college the next day as I was unwell and when I returned people where whispering and not making eye contact with me. One of my other friends approached me and said " I think you need to be careful who you talk to as everyone now knows about your problem..." I felt so hurt , Apparently my friends were asking eachother where I was the previous day and she had very openly taked about my illness in front of my whole tutor group!

I felt so let down and allthough I have forgiven her for what she did , Our relationship is not as good as it used to be and I don't confide in anyone anymore - Just the lovely people on here!

People are very ignorant and you should rise above such stupid comments, I think people would think twice about what they say if they were tortured by this awful illness themselves.

Hope things are going well with your recovery,

Love Gem x

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Yes well my friends are

Yes well my friends are constantly talking about weight and size and mostly are all very small girls. They encourage horrid diets upon me well knowing ive suffered disordered eating. One of my friends use to be bulimic with me in high school it was very destructive we use to both be small then now she is even smaller i mean skin and bones. It looks very unhealthy I see her eat and she says she eats healthy but I am convinced she barely eats when not around others. But other girls only encourage each other with this. I know because I unfortunately do it myself.

I think woman in the normal world have an unreal ideal about body image and weight its very scary. A normal size and weight is considered to large. It Is very unrealistic that all bodies are the same and so skinny. The fact is the smallest size is not small anough hence why the fashion world is creating size 00... That is not normal

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