who here has been shy in front of men?

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who here has been shy in front of men?

Alright ladies!

Being in such a crappy disorder, who here has been shy in front of men, or even go as far as putting up a persona?

Honeys, there shouldn't be any fear. The reason? Here is my example. I was looking at the magazine lately for fashion. Now I don't look at the models, but the clothes!!! I have been taking a look at the wardrobe. Forget the bodies, but focus on the material. The material is what draws my attention.

My friend is a fuller and healthy girl, and she knows how to flaunt her goods, she even wears tights too, with a loose fitting top. To add accessories to complete the package. The thing is she gets tons of men. She ain't easy, but her personality definitely shows!

I sad what the hell, I used to be a sexy girl, so I got my tights, put on a cute baby doll dress, added some funcky neckless and started my parade. I was on the bus and two guys asked me out. Reflecting on myself. I don't think it was the clothes or how my body looked, but it was my confidence.

Girls, I find maintaining a stable weight, you have way more confidence because you're aren't having to deal with numbers, calories, bad and good foods, fashion, complexion, work because you're just being yourself, enjoying the day!

Hopefully, this helps.

I am measured by value, not by success!

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Confidence is key!

I agree with everything you said. Feeling good/looking good is all about confidence. When I feel good about myself I am so friendly to strangers, smile more, and I can tell I am just glowing with the confidence I feel inside.

Good for you getting all dolled up and feeling great! S

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right on girl!! i am always

right on girl!! i am always so shy and ashamed of my body around guys, wtf mate. we are some hott chickies lets bring back the confidence with some rad fashions!!!

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I agreeee with all of the

I agreeee with all of the posts.
When I am in the b/p cycle, I am SOOOO incredibly insecure. I just want to be invisible. I always hear guys saying how much they value confidence in a girl. I really believe this quote to be true: "Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It is much sexier than any body part." I spend so much time focused on how soft my stomach is, but if I just grew to love it and appreciate myself I would be way more attractive.
I know for myself, I would rather be with an okay-looking confident guy, than an insecure good looking one.

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YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!!! When i

When i feel good about myself (regardless of my weight) i will feel sooo sexyy but when i don't feel good about myself (still at the same weight) i will feel like the fattest/ugliest person in the room. My weight has no bearing on how sexy i am it is how i feel at that weight that makes me sexy.
If only ed would stop stealing it from us...

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so true! confidence is HOT!

so true! confidence is HOT! its everything, seriously!
Unfortunately, I havent got much confidence now but hey, at least I can fake til I make it. =)

Just keep going, no matter what.

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Absolutely....confidence and

Absolutely....confidence and a genuine smile. Before after I few days of bingeing and purging I feel completely demoralised, ugly, generally crap about myself and it would show! Of course I want to be completely binge\purge free, but now even if I had a bad day yesterday, I don't beat myself up about it, and think that even at my worst (bulimia wise) I am still pretty awesome. :-D

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