why can't i stop bingeing?

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why can't i stop bingeing?


so...i've being doing a meal plan with my mother.

and apparently it works well...until i binge again anyway.

i don't tell this to my mother, because i don't want to let her down, or make her think that she's failing. she's doing her best to help me.

i think the problem is me...why can't i stop?

i'm sure this bingeing apisodes are trying to cover up for something...serving some function...but i can't figure out what it is. i'm lost.

how can i figure out why i'm sitll doing this?

thanks for reading,



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Hello! maybe u are not

Hello! maybe u are not getting all u need in her plan, remember when we get older we need less calories. I see it when i spend all day working with my mom, she spends half of the day with almost no food and i just canĀ“t try to follow her... I hope you find the way!


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