WHY do i want to binge?

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WHY do i want to binge?

I am SO confused. I KNOW how bad it makes me feel. the bloating, the pain, emotionally AND physically, the triggering things that I just can't get away from and the minute I have a little - I can't stop.

I KNOW the consequences rationally. But if this is true - WHY do I still give in to the urges and the cravings? Why on earth does this still happen??

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Great topic. Last night after

Great topic. Last night after eating a moderate amount of food for dinner, I could feel a binge coming on after a few bites of a chocolate fiber one bar. I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and started writing down some reasons why I felt the urge to binge.. A few that stuck out were: A. I havent eaten very regularly the past 24 hours, B. Im truly still hungry and need more food to satisfy my cravings, C. Subconsciously gearing up for restriction tomorrow, so why not go all out and binge? D. Im emotionally vulnerable~ sad, lonely, bored, nervous, etc. Ultimately, I gave in and binged. However, brainstorming like I did for those few moments proves I can begin shedding light on the underlying issues fueling the binges. Maybe journaling what we are feeling in those pre~binge seconds will teach us a lot about ourselves and help us to gradually curb those seemingly uncontrollable temptations to binge. We can and shall overcome!

I am Lisa
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It takes a while for your

It takes a while for your body to adjust without the binges and the purges. Make sure you are eating enough. Personally I know that if I get to a "I'm too full" state or any time I taste chocolate or candy or anything sweet really I start turning into a pavlovian dog. Its not just physical its behavioral. I am used to these feelings setting off a binge and hence my body react accordingly. It takes time to break a habit but it will go away eventually. Try to break the habit. Do things your body doesn't expect when you feel a binge coming on.

xx Lisa

I take one day at a time to overcome something
that has been forever on my mind

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I know this feeling. It is a

I know this feeling. It is a horrible feeling to WANT to binge even though it is not rational!! It is a scary and overwhlming feeling, yet it feels natural. It is because it is a naural escape mechanism and a comfort so that we can escape from or feelings. We just need to fight this!!! It is hard and so disheartning when it goes wrong. but we need to remember the good days. I hate the bad days and feel as though I will never get away from the hole- but this is not true. We will get better!!


Getting better bite by bite x x

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Great topic and responses! It

Great topic and responses! It is an awful feeling to know better, to act against all logic and reason, and b/p anyway. Yes, it helped immensely to get out of that distressed hunger state, but re-training yourself to engage in non-destructive behaviors over bulimic behaviors is so much harder than I had ever imagined! Glad I'm not alone. Thanks!

No binge tastes as good as HEALTHY FEELS!

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Yeah, I started today super

Yeah, I started today super happy and motivated and willing to eat regularly without telling myself it was too much. So I ate proper..but as the day dragged on, I found myself being hungry every couple of hours? And I was just getting very BORED with my day. I think if I start getting into a lazy mood..the laziness diffuses to my eating outlook and I de-focus and binge.

I think we have to stay super focused. But that requires quite a bit of energy.
I find the best thing to do is get myself out of the house when I get like that.
But me too, I'm comforted knowing that I'm not alone with these horrible urges..

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i agree with the comments

i agree with the comments above!
i HATE the urge. i've been b/ping practically every day for the past week, and i've been craving EVERYTHING. my cravings are worse at night, and i think it is because A) my parents are asleep and i can get away with it and B) i am winding down from the day and want to relax.
Unfortunately, b/ping has been a way for me to relax lately, so I am trying to find other things to do
Such as, doing this and drinking tea :)
Also, I have been dieting for a few weeks, so thats another reason my cravings have been so intense.
So I just have to tell myself that once I get my eating back up, then the cravings will die down, even if it's just a little.

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