Willpower? or Punishment?

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Willpower? or Punishment?

A month or so ago I thought I’d found a way to increase my ‘willpower’ by buying some naughty trigger foods and leaving them sitting there in the cupboard without touching them. I thought the longer I left them the better I would be doing and feeling - and I could let my husband eat them at leisure (as normal people do).
Now, this did work for a while, everytime I opened the cupbaord and saw my 'X' food still sitting there, unopened, I felt liberated and strong!
But recently (i've had a couple of pretty bad / hard weeks) I’ve found that by keeping the stuff there its turned into a devil-like temptation on my bad / down days. Its like I'm punishing myself - I can't have them, I have to walk away, I must force myself to recovery. But recovery can't be forced - so why do I make things so hard for myself?
So during my bad couple of weeks, I broke a couple of times and over-ate what was there (not to a major extend and by no means enough to make me want to purge) but enough to make me feel guilty and 'fat' and a 'failure'. More than 1 as a treat. Guilty that I'd restricted a bit that day and guilty that I'd therefore riuned my 'good' work! Restricting is the downfall, we have to believe in SE, its the best way!
Its my own fault, I put temptation there! On a good day it does make me stronger, but on a bad day it makes me weak, and unhappy and guilt-ridden if I crack. So I think perhaps its not a good idea anymore!!

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we do have to learn to live

we do have to learn to live around trigger foods, for a long time my hubby kept the main things in a box in his loft room,at least it wasn't in the kitchen! With him loving junk food for his snacks & having kids so needing to have full fat things in the house for them it has been impossible to avoid them.

I rarely binge on those things now & almost never in epic portion sizes, so they are back in the 'naughty cupboard' in the kitchen!

Good luck with this, you may need to try different tactics before you find the one that works best for you.


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