Your calories is all what matter

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Your calories is all what matter

Everybody have to consume the right amount of calories
To fuel up your body to work well .. You can have these calories split up at six meal
A day ( SE) or can have it at two or three meal no matter how .. At the end you shouldn't
Eat less than you need to avoid binging ...
This all what I red in some health article , some of this
Info helped me in some way because SE make me binge a lot
( eat each 3 hour make me eat all the time ) so I cant
Know when am really hungry
Instead of that i fast half the day and have a big meal ..
Is this right or what .....

One Big Step .. For new life .. Healthy , Confiedent , Happy .. Ever

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I agree that what works for

I agree that what works for one person doesn't necessarily mean it will work for the other. We all need to find and try out what tools works best for us. I prefer to eat just 3 square meals a day and a snack before m gym workout however when I joined this programme I started introducing a morning snack as well which I do still have however I have never been sure if this is of benefit to me or if im just eating for the sake of it as im never hungry mid morning, my breakfast keeps me full until lunch.
SE is about renourishing and refuelling our bodies properly again and you don't need to follow it forever anyway so if you feel happier and safer eating just your meals then go for it! That's called using your intuition which comes after SE anyway. As long as your not letting yourself get too hungry in between meals to create a binge and your eating enough calories per day then keep doing what works best for you!

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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The heading to this post is

The heading to this post is all wrong. I think this post is so so wrong. There are things that are far way more important than calories, the nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The fiber content. The variety of food. Weather you eat when you are hungry. Weather you eat when your body needs energy.
Posts like this makes me wanna quit this site. And I just joined today.

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I don't think this post is

I don't think this post is wrong at all, the English isn't as straight forward as it should be but I think in general the originator of this post meant that as long as she Is eating the required calories a day for optimal results then its up to the individual how many calories to eat as which meal or snack. I personally prefer to have a larger meal in the evening. While I know others prefer a larger breakfast or lunch.
I think the point was not to put too much focus on exact calorie emphasis but to eat when you feel hungrier and to use the calories up in the correct way for optimal results in order to reduce the binge urges.

Yes it shouldn't all be about the food and calories. But in the beginning of recovery it is. An eating disorder creates deep fears around food and most people need to learn from the beginning and how to eat correctly. in the beginning, the start of recovery is hugely based around learning to eat again. That is why structured eating is recommended. To help your body and brain learn how and how much to eat properly in order to nourish your body back to health.

Please do not give up, this website is definitely a recovery site, I joined last july and although I struggled in the beginning, im now 4 and a half months b/p free. If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't be here saying that today. There are many challenges others face not always food related but body images/social issues/anxiety issues. Everyone is individual and has there own problem areas. That's why this site is here. To blog your problems, to reach out for support in the areas of struggle. The post isn't wrong at all. It is someone expressing the fear and day to day issue they go through and seeking out some advice from another.

Hopefully if you have a problem of your own you wish to share then others will be there to help you to and not to criticise what others struggle with.

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Hello Sarah! I think if for

Hello Sarah!

I think if for now this is working for you that´s what matters. It looks that you really understand that by the end of the day you need to have eaten all your nutrients and calories. If you do that, even if you start eating at 12pm, your body will start to recover, all your needed vitamins will get to the parts where they are needed, even if they arrive by midnight!

I believe SE is a great tool to develop a good relation with food again, but it could also be that you start doing SE later, when your body is more balanced and you feel more safe to eat.

I read some days ago about vegetarian protein, you know that legumes like lentils can be a great source of protein for vegetarians... well the thing is that i had always heard that you need to mix them with whole rice or some other carbs to make it the full aminoacid chain, but in this article they said that you can have the lentils mixed with the rice or that you could have them on separate meals, that its not so important and that you still get the whole nutrition. I found this very interesting and good news as sometimes i might want to have a lentil salad and not the rice, but then i can have the rice later, for dinner.

The important thing right now is that you are on your way, you are paying attentio, you want to learn and you decide to try new ways, you can always change your strategy if it doesnt work! thats what this is all about!!

Keep up the good work, and keep asking for advise when you need, that´s what we are here for, to respect and support each other!!



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I think the poster was just

I think the poster was just trying to say what has worked for her, more as a suggestion to inspire others, not a set rule. I agree with Angel, the post wasn't reading well so it could be misinterpreted and read as "you have to do this".

Belli, please hold on, this site is great and there are some amazing and very supportive people on here. Some posts may irritate you, but we are all different and have had different journeys and backgrounds to end up where we are today, but we do mostly have one common goal and that is to get better!

Hang around with some patience, it really is worth it. I've made some great friends here already and have found this to be a valuable support network. For me, who is struggling with the concept of structured eating, being able to come here and read others posts, the negative with the positive, helps keep me inspired to keep at it.


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Hi Belli, The post is maybe

Hi Belli,

The post is maybe not written in the right way but the general point I think that Sarah wanted opinions on was is it OK to eat all my food I need for a day at once and not in the advised Structured Eating (SE) pattern. This site is not some nasty pro ana, mia site and I really don't think Katy's post was along those lines. We are all very respectful and caring of one another and I sincerely hope you stay as we are here to support you.


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