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Acceptance during Recovery Just a couple thoughts that I wanted to share after reading through the forums here. Round Belly = doesn't have to be fat, Doesn't mean you... 2
Vegetarian.....Need some advices! Hi, It's been a while since I wrote here. I was already a kind of vegetarian.... I didn't eat meat (beef, chicken or pig) but I still ate fish, eggs... 3
'The Sexy Lie' We Should Be Talking About: Sexual Objectification Interesting how we were brought up to view our bodies.. it makes me sad. 1
Damaged I really struggle with the belief that my body is so damaged I will never have a normal metabolic rate. I feel sad and sick today. I am trying to... 4
chew and spit So this is super gross but I have this really bad habit of chewing food and spitting it out. It way helps me not to binge, but I know it is clearly... 7
What inspires you? So it was my 20th birthday yesterday, and I did b/p three times over the course of the day. That really hit home for me what ED has taken from me in... 1
Body Dismorphia Yesterday I had to try on a bunch of clothes in front of my super-skinny sister... always a traumatic experience for someone with ED. But what was... 3
me and/or my ED? It's so hard to seperate me from my ED. bc of struggling with this so long and having it be be part of my life, all the time weather im abstaining or... 2
The Dream- Would you believe it too? Didn't really know what to make this topic about. This is a post I put in my profile as to never forget it. But this is truly amazing in my own test... 5
Jumbled thinking I'd just like to discuss my thoughts around food. Surprisingly I have a lot of knowledge about nutrition and when I was diagnosed with obsessive... 7
Life, Purpose, Fear and Focus: Don't "Settle" There is so much power behind the choice. You have so much power If you are NOT "an effect" to all the things are happening. YOU Decide! Decide what... 2
Just a thought If a rope is broken & tied back together, the rope is then strongest at the exact point where it was once broken.... There CAN be blessings from... 2
No one else is to blame... So who made me bulimic? Was it my step mother who challenged me to weight loss competitions when I was 14? Was it a controlling father who had too... 4
Heightened Emotions? It has seemed to me that everyone is acting differently - not sure how but just a little off. Anyone else experience this in recovery? Perhaps I am... 2
A new identity Three year ago I lost a lot of weight & went from slightly pudgy to normal / trim. I have B/P like crazy trying to maintain it. This worked for... 1
Freedom and food, the binging paradox I think I've narrowed down one of the biggest psychological/mental reasons I have for continuing to binge, and it is that I'm afraid of losing the... 3
How can my body think it is 'starving' if I am gaining weight? O.K. - here is my question... I have been told countless times that the reason I am almost always very hungry is that my body is used to being... 4
I can't handle not exercising. I feel depressed. SUPER anxious. I have an office job and I'm sitting here, feeling like I'm storing fat because I didn't work out this morning. Is... 8
Do ED's hurt the ones we love more?? I dunno why, but I'm inclined to believe and I really do, that my Eating disorder is almost tougher on my loved ones, parents, bf etc. Then on me...... 6
Reward system? My "homework" this week is to set up a scale of 1 to 10, 10 indicated I took care of my self, mentally and physically. A 1 would indicate I resorted... 1
Is your bulimia recovery quest based upon motivation or inspiration? A few days ago I read something that made me reflect even more on a lot of fears I have been having about my recovery process lately, and has... 1
How to stop the NEED to lose weight? Hi Everyone, I used to suffer from Bulimia, but I recovered, then I relapsed into Anorexia and now Bulimia is rearing on up. I think though, that... 2
Adhd leads to Bulimia? I found these... 2
weird thinking pattern about my period! So I will not go into numbers but I am underweight... not deathly think... but tooooo thin... and I still get my period regularly... and for some... 1
Can you have surgery when you have an eating disorder? For many years now i've disliked my nose, it's not awful, but i really want a nose job. I've decided to do it and intend to tell the surgeon i have... 3
We can do this together! Hi friends my name is pat mary. I was so lost in bp that my whole liife was disappearing rapidly! I am now 48 and so determined to recover that I am... 2
Seeing whats in front of you Just looking through the photo's of my friends and other bloggers on this wonderful site... It’s amazing and saddening that we are all suffering from... 2
This book looks amazing I just accidently ran into this video. I think I will but that book! 1
Does Anyone Watch Intervention? The first time I watched Intervention, it just happened to be about a bulimic man named Asa. I was 17 at the time, and full-blown into bulimia. I was... 9
Surely there's a way to beat this?! I refuse to believe that the rest of my life will be like this. I'm 25, and since I was 16 have struggled with food and eating, namely binging and... 1
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