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do you ever think? I don't know if it's only me. But like sometimes i just get these thoughts in my head, and they're like, "Oh you're not bulimic. you just dont feel... 4
Coffee and Binge Eating Anyone think that caffeine fuels bulimia and if so do you abstain from all types of caffeine? Thanks! 5
religon through recovery? Hi lovely people. So I have grown up in Utah which is dominatly mornom (LDS). I was raised in a family that ahd no religon and it was hard growing up... 1
Food Restriction and Binge Eating So I have a couple curiosities and would love some of your takes on this. So the Bulimia Help Method states that restriction causes urges to binge,... 4
eating slowly and feeling safe around food?? I don't know how to feel safe at all. Just now, my body really wanted and was asking for something, so I gave in - I fed myself, and of course I felt... 2
binge and purge type anorexia and bulimia can anyone tell me the difference between binge and purge type anorexia and bulimia,someone suggest i was more binge and purge anorexia then bulimia... 6
DAY 68 So its Day 68 and I really never thought I would get this far. Had a bad start to the week and completely binged on Monday - out of the blue and for...
Write one good thing about yourself - Just do it! Hey I'm calling on everyone to write something positive about yourself. There is so much focus on our bad feelings. So I suggest we focus on good... 18
has bulimia ever made you feel like you're weak and have no will power I used to think I was so strong and would go far. I was so fun and spontaneous and it all stopped after I become severley anorexic which turned into... 3
I've been thinking... So I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I decided that i binge when i am happy and everything is going well!! When i am sad or there is...
Day 64 - Happy Days! So its Day 64 and I'm feeling great! I am wondering though how much in control of this disease I really am and when will I be completely free of it?...
What does BUlimia feel like for you... just right now in this moment?? And what are your incentives to get better. Please comment on here I want everyone to start... 16
Do Prayer Requests Work? I’m religious, and ever since I started this latest descent into bulimia I’ve been struggling to get my own self pure enough for my prayers to have... 6
Black and White Thinking My thinking is so black and white. I'm either fat or I'm skinny, smart or stupid, I either eat no cookies or I eat the entire box! Why is it so hard... 3
is the mirror lying?? Does the mirror show what's really there?? All weekend i was with friends i haven't seen since before i "Lost weight" and all they were talking about... 6
back- relapse, weight gain loss what to do? hey guys weight is the silliest ting ever. its all emotions. i know-- so much; its so internal... i was at a weight i wasnt happy with so i decided...
dream weight... so, i've been in a full-on relapse for 2 months, and am now trying to get back some control over my ED. i feel stuck because on the one hand, I want... 4
Richy's Recovery Tip! Here's one of Richy's Recovery Tips that just popped up on my screen that some of you might find helpful: "You need to broaden your diet and stop... 4
Who here thinks black and white? Since I've reached my set-point, my mind has slowly cleared up to realizing the thoughts about scales, insecurities, calories, measurement and all... 3
Christmas day What do you do guys? im curious... Do you say 'Hey im not going to binge, its jesus's bday and a day for family and love. So i will enjoy my food,... 1
Why do we care if ABSOLUTE STRANGERS find out?? After years of being terrorized anyone would find out about my bulimia, I am slowly starting to ask myself WHY do I care if an absolute stranger... 16
Eating after 8pm - ha! Now i've often tried to convince people on this site that it's bollocks about not eating after 8pm or the world will end, or whatever terrifying... 4
Being overweight with bulimia..? Just wondering...someone who is an overweight bulimic because our body actually does absorb 50 % of calories even if we purge...(or so Ive heard)...... 1
Bad Therapy? Anyone else recovered WITHOUT therapy?? Psychotherapy is very expensive and it takes over my life in an unhealthy way... I feel weird stopping... 3
Bulimia as distraction I hate being bulimic, I always have but I've been using it recently as a distraction from my paranoia or psychosis as my psychiatrist calls it. The... 1
i don't feel anything The problem I have always found with eating disorder recovery is the feeling aspect. It seems that there is supposed to ALWAYS be a hidden motive,... 4
Anyone else Bullied into Bulemia Critical peirs at school, a sister doted on by the whole family and my dad used to bet with her if i would eat a mountain of food (strategically... 1
Invincible to Rock Bottom in 24 Hours sooo my mind goes through this crazy stupid shitty cycle where i do well for a few days and then i start thinking that nothing can touch me nothing... 1
Does anyone else get pre-binge intuition? So many times I get a little voice going 'today is not a good day'. Like today. I was on the tube eating some nuts and grapes and I heard the voice... 1
Hating Yourself How do you get over that feeling? Why do people feel this way? Why everything. It's not about the food, it's not about EDs. It's about me. It's about... 1
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