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dealing with that weight gain i'm just so confused when it comes to weight gain. why is it necessary? what are the positive consequences of being at a 'normal' weight? i know i... 2
Is your eating disorder a part of you? I've noticed that a lot of people talk about "Ana" and "Mia" as if they were talking of some kind of demons. Or they say things like "It's not me ot'... 1
Weight fluctuations, self-criticism & weird control mechanisms... Has anyone else ever cut their hair as an attempt to weigh less? Or done anything else non-food or purge related to try and bring their weight down?... 1
Bulimia connection to parents? I've started thinking about it and I have NEVER wanted to be my mother! In fact, I did many things just to contradict her and it turns out I have... 2
Does anyone else feel like NOTHING is EVER enough?! I never feel like anything in my life is ever enough. Sometimes it makes me feel so selfish. My parents love is never enough, I'll never be pretty/... 4
Carbs aren't the enemy you know Hey all, Hope you're all doing well. I can't help but notice so many of you talk about carbohydrates as some kind of evil that must be avoided. You... 16
crossing your mind . . Hi everyone, I wrote a deep and meaningful poem about how i feel my eating disorder has affected my dearest. its important i realise the impact of my... 2
"Look, I'm fat!" Not sure if anyone else will appreciate this story, but it made me laugh, and smile: Am an Au Pair right now, living with two kids - one of them a 4-... 2
do you find bulimia expensive when i was anorexic i saved myself a fortune in food because i barely eat it,now when i buy food i can eat the lot with in hours and there for have... 5
bulimia and anorexia. a match made in hell! A: the diet starts today. no excuses. no mater what you wont eat until dinner time B: im sure you saw a tray of brownie in the cupboard last night... 4
hormones with my bulimia i tend to restrict and the binge and i write down my weight when i am restricting it goes down when i am...
i hate bulimia before i developed bulimia i had very much anorexic tendencys,i would eat very little,less then 200 cals a day then one day i binged and thats when... 2
Normal people... I was just sitting here thinking about normal people, and how they think, and the things they say. People can have weird an odd sense of humor, or... 3
this is becoming normal when this disorder started, it was to achieve a goal weight. I just realized that I don't fucking care about my weight, but just want this cycle to...
Complete self-hatred Argh, I can't stop it, I hate myself so much I wish I was dead. How do you get round this? For me its not just about eating regularly its about how... 2
your biggest triggers? What triggers you to binge or purge?? Also does reading detailed stories about binge/ purge episodes trigger you? 8
Jw if reading bout it is a trigger? I kno this is going to sound really weird...bc all the feedback on here is sayin how negative the effects r etc...but it almost makes me want 2 binge...
A little poem I wrote about bulimia. Standing above the toilet, empty carton of ice cream beside me, my stomach rumbles, my heart aches. I reach down my throat with one hand, the other... 3
What disadvantage/advantage does Bulimia bring? For everybody I think we have this because it DOES have positives,otherwise I doubt we'd be suffering from this. For me Bulimia is: A coping... 2
What Are Your Favorite Eating Disorder Books? The ONLY positive aspect of my ED is that it has helped me get back into reading. I've been cruising through novel after novel. I've mostly been... 3
The Link Between Bulimia + Shoplifting I hate to admit this...but I've actually started to shoplift food.. -.- I'm so ashamed. Why have I stooped so low? I KNOW better than that! ..Well, I... 1
The Cake isnt for me!!! This is really frustrating. I am mad with myself. I am doing the structured eating, but am still lost and confused when it comes to certain things.... 3
Fears Hi, so if anybody has any input on this it would be really helpful! I have a fear that since I'm trying recovery I'm going to become a different... 3
Does anyone relate???? I'm mid binge and suddenly realised this pattern. Every so often I get (every week at least at the moment) desperate feeling. I can't go on like this...
has anyone recovered??? any successful stories?? im just wondering, is this really helping? is this website helping for real? has anyone recovered without any help from a therapist or a nutrionist?... 6
food porn, anyone else? Does anyone else read restaurant menus online? Read cookbooks, but never cook? Am I the only one who likes to starve herself while reading about '... 5
how many calories So I just had a good serving of pasta for dinner but I overdid nothing. I guess I am writing this now out of "fear for carbs" that my dieting days... 3
Gah... Those good ol'support groups. Well, today was an interesting day. It definitely ended up with a binge and purge, but I'm happy I still remeber it all. On my way to the meeting,... 1
Blame... Do you ever blame your purge on something you know is wrong? Even though I know for a fact that I am bulimic, sometimes when I think I'm behaving... 2
giving up.. I have tried all what I could but still I just fall more and more, so Im thinking to give cause Im so depressed right now. I have to wait 6 month to... 2
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