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What Started It All? Hey, So I've spent a lot of years trying to understand the reasons behind my bulimia, and I'm wondering if others on this site have done similar soul... 7
Let's rant and make our feelings heard Rant to whoever/whatever you're angry/sad/annoyed/disappointed with. According to the Law, I'm still a child, and that means I have no right to screw...
Empty Promises I wish my eating disorder would fulfill it's empty promises. I wished it would discipline me. I wished it would teach me to be a stronger and more... 4
How to exercise like a normal person I find it quite intimidating that this field is called "Body". These days, absolutely anything sets me off. Anyway, I'm wondering how I can learn to... 3
Maybe these drugs are adding to the problem? I used to be on ritilan... 3
Should I throw it out? I let my weight effect my mood every day. I don't want that anymore. But the thought of not being able to check my weight causes almost unbearable... 1
What do you guys think? 1
Attention defecit hyperactive disorder What do you guys think?
Am I in the wrong site? Binge eating seems to be out of my control. It seems like a syndrome. I can't stop it and I'm trying. ...but purging seems like something I'm... 2
Awareness I think it very important for us to Challenge our thoughts and beliefs, to seek truth of ourselves and the world around us. If you'd like please...
Is it ever ok to induce vomiting? This is in light of my recent trip to Mexico, when a couple of the meals left me feeling queasy. I have programmed myself to avoid purging at all... 3
bulimia and pain? hi everyone. so one of the reasons i think my bulimia perpetuates now is because about 2 years ago I started having back and neck pain, I'm young and... 1
Bulimia=Running away.. How has having bulimia been a way for you to run away from something/someone? I feel that having bulima for so many years has kept me sort of behind... 2
less binges when restricting Whilst trying to recover i binge every 4 days on average but when i used to restrict i could go weeks without bingeing but i dont understand why? 2
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