Binge busting

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Binging in dreams leads to binging in reality??!! This might sound crazy but this happened this morning: Last night i was very close to binging, i was almost calling my friend to cancel our cinema... 4
Binge control....(just joking!) Even though I ate a great breakfast, it's been on my mind to visit the snack machine. I decided to try drinking a diet coke to distract myself. As I... 3
Less than xxxx calories a day Hi all! I would love to hear from you. I don't know if any of you has the same problem as me, but I am desperate. At the start of the summer I... 23
Will I ever cut back? i have stopped purging. I absolutely hate purging and I've finally read enough to realize how awful it is for me and how it's not worth it. I... 3
just ordered take out need help figuring out what to do. Just ordered chinese for myself. I really dont want to binge on it but at the same time im dying to. I hate to... 1
Help for the Holidays First, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or any other holiday you may celebrate. I wanted to post some encouragement before...
Getting through the festive season!! Hi everyone, As you all know... Christmas is drawing closer. For all those who celebrate Xmas you all know it's a time when food is abundance! This... 6
How can I avoid a binge if some of the foods my husband keeps in the house are triggering foods for me? Okay. I have decided to make a list of foods that trigger a binge for me and I realized that many of the foods that I turn to are foods my husband... 9
Something you should seriously thing about if you take the contraceptive pill just like to share some info, sounds silly to me now that i never linked between the two together before. i've took the pill for about 6 years with... 8
Bingeing in recovery Help! I joined the first of this month and have not purged since. I'm thrilled with that but I have had small binges almost everyday since. Why... 4
Any nursing moms trying to recover? I've been a member of this incredible community for three weeks now and I am excited to say that I have not purged since joining! I have, although,... 2
Willpower? or Punishment? A month or so ago I thought I’d found a way to increase my ‘willpower’ by buying some naughty trigger foods and leaving them sitting there in the... 1
Preparing to go cold turkey - hints and tips?? Hey everyone, so the gradual approach is just not working for me. Ive tried really really hard but I just can't do it. SO I've set a date to stop... 3
constant binges? aahhhhh i am binging every single day. i fee llike this ist really halping me recover. im not purging but i wish i wasnt doing this. any thoughts /... 6
Reasons not to purge I'm really struggling not to do this right now. Reasons not to Purge? =Purging by self induced vomiting can expel some calories, however around 1,... 5
Getting rid of credit cards? After a seemingly endless string of days of binging, no matter what I tried to do to stop, I got fed up and sent my credit cards home to my mom this... 1
It was going so well......... I have been doing well for a record 16 days!! Then what happens, I slip BIG TIME!! I felt as though I was cured. I went on holiday, I felt normal, I... 2
One-liners or mantras to stop a binge in its tracks? Hi, You know that panicky feeling when you suddenly get an urge to binge, but another part of you remembers, "Wait, didn't I commit to NOT doing this... 7
Booze and bingeing Ai ai ai. I enjoy drinking alcohol but it's a major trigger in my bingeing and purging....I'm at the stage in my recovery that if I'm not going out... 4
Best binge buster What is the best way to avoid binging? 60
WHY do i want to binge? I am SO confused. I KNOW how bad it makes me feel. the bloating, the pain, emotionally AND physically, the triggering things that I just can't get... 6
Night time binges... why cant I stop Bully MIa from screaming at me in the night? I am struggling with this area of my life, soooo much. I have taken time off from work and my day time binges have decreased to nil. I know that... 2
Marijuana and binge eating So I have smoked in the past and always got the classic munchies after smoking.. and to say I didnt over eat when high would be a lie. I don't think... 12
Major binge - on fruit Ow OOWWW ow. I just binged on about a kilo of fruit. Do others do this? In the misguided belief that somehow if you're eating fruit it's OK? Then... 6
Whats the longest you've evr gone without..... A b/p? For me it's around 3 weeks, last month i only threw up about 2 times (which is good i guess:D) but i'm sorta back were i was at the summer,... 16
How Did You Resist 'The Urge' Today? I wanna know what you guys have done today (and in the future) to help you over come your urge to binge? 3
How to resist peer pressure Peer pressure is everywhere... you think you are on track then... BANG... one of your friends starts dieitng and does not stop talking about how... 2
How not to surrender to your 'crazed binge seeking self'? When we feel a binge coming on, what can we do not to surrender to it? I know a lot of people recommend doing something relaxing or an activity to... 4
Pretty nails?! Could it actually work... Hmmm... Okay so this morning i was swimming and i was letting my mind wander, as per usual and i came up with a possible idea - i want your thoughts first... 6
I need you advice!! Help!!! I am noticing the "signs" of when a binge/purge is about to come on, but I don't know what to do to stop it! Here are a few of the signs: 1)... 2
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