Binge busting

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Do not restrict your calories Hey Y'all, i can consider myself fully recovered! My 2 most important pieces of advice to you are these: 1)DO NOT RESTRICT OR COUNT CALORIES!!!! 2)... 7
irregular episodes I've struggled with Bulimia for about 8 years: couple times/day at my worst to once every 2 months at my best. I'm on the upswing from a holiday... 1
Help with distractions from binge urges While I am writing this I am struggling with binge urges...has anyone got any advice on dealing and overcoming these urges?? Thanks guys x x 3
Alcohol and Hangovers I think Ive written about this subject 3 or 4 times now. I dont want anyone to think I have an alcohol problem as I definatly dont and rarely drink.... 1
Binging has always been more of a problem than purging - does anyone else find this? Reading these forum posts it often seems that many bulimics start off with restricting and dieting, rather than binging. For me, binging was a... 5
Recovery buddy and I am struggling This one is for my recovery buddy and I .... we have been chatting to each other and checking in on each other daily. At first we promised each other... 6
Stimulation, subsequent fatigue and cravings for food I've been reading a book by Brendan brazier! who is a vegan athlete and big on nutrition. He talks about cravings, which can play a major part in... 1
Overcoming Mind binge urge Please can anyone suggest any mind binge urge diffusing methods? I am severely depressed so am vulnerable at the moment. Thanks, and here's to... 1
Your calories is all what matter Everybody have to consume the right amount of calories To fuel up your body to work well .. You can have these calories split up at six meal A day (... 6
Binge alternatives Ok, so you feel that imminent urge inside you start to creep up. It's getting stronger by the second. Depending on where you are, you almost resist... 2
Drinking = Binging ---> Purging? Call me crazy, but I have an extreme tendency to eat more...tooooo much... when I'm drinking. It's an awful tendency for me because once I have once... 16
anything to substitute / replace chocolate just need and want to have safer, healthier options for snacks. chocolates, chocolate bars etc - they're all lately very addictive and i want to stop... 6
Menstruation and hunger Hey everybody! I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to deal with your menstruation...I just feel like in these days in so much more... 2
Evening Meal Plans? What do you all have? Does anyone have any good ideas for evening meals? ones that will keep me full through the night and not give me a binge urge at breakfast? I have a... 3
Periods: body or mind urge? As a female, I unfortunately go through that phase every month (depending on the individual) of getting the most powerful binge urges I ever... 6
feeling powerful! Over the past few days I have been trying to confront things. I am fairly sure that body binges were always the more minor issue for me. The mind... 1
Self forgiveness I feel like the key to truly getting rid of binge urges (in the long term) is, ironically, learning to forgive yourself after a binge. Whether it be... 3
I feel so full I just ate too much food. I know that when I sit in front of the tv I loose control. Now I feel so sick but I promised myself that I wont purge, it's... 2
Traps!! Lets face them! I was wondering, what have you found out to be traps for yourself? Mine: 1.Watching tv. Just that empty time when you are not deciding what you want...
No purging meant no binging I've just had a brand new experience with the issue of a binge - I was able to head one off by reminding myself that I wouldn't be allowed to starve... 3
INTERRUPTING A BINGE Hi all - I'm brand new here, so feel free to point me to a thread if this has been discussed already. Has anyone had success interrupting a binge? I... 2
Different urges to binge I've been having a very good day and feeling relaxed and happy. Then I just finished seeing a new patient and it was great but now in my excitement... 1
moving back home - triggering environment Just wondered if anyone has any advise on how to deal with multiple triggers as a result of moving back home/shared accommodation. I find that seeing... 3
How to avoid a trigger time I find that my main time for weakness is when I am driving home after work in my car. I am alone and always find weakness to binge in these moments... 7
Feeling full Dear all, I discovered that my binges are mostly triggered by the feeling of being full. It can be the happiest, most relaxed day - when I feel full... 13
Slow to start binging question How do you all deal with the binges that are slow to creep up? For example I am hungry so I eat (tonight was true middle of the night, cannot sleep... 3
Bingeing is automatic Hi everyone. I am new to the program and have been bingeing purging for, get this, 37 years. What I have found in reading the material about the... 2
MIND BINGES I am so frustrated, I keep binging and won't stop, I'm at the point now that sometimes I'm not even in the zone ... I'm just eating for the sake of... 14
insomnia Hey all, I'm having a very rough time getting myself to bed at a decent hour. I believe it is because ED has kept me awake very late so I am more... 1
creating flow charts for times of need. Hey guys! I just spent waaaay too long avoiding study and doing this. But I think it was probably one of the more effective procrastination times I'...
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