Binge busting

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HEY everyone lets make a list!! :) :) I wanted to start an idea list of things/activities we can do when we are on the verge of binging or purging, to prevent us from doing so, or just... 8
Journal I have started, two days ago, writing everything about my day on an online journal my page is I think it helps so much... 2
Fasting/Detox Lately Ive been putting a lot of crap into my body, sometimes purging and other times not. I was thinking of doing a 1-day detox where I only drink... 7
Anyone else getting anxious about Thanksgiving? Any tips on how to eat moderately? Oh my least favorite holiday. The day we are all expected to binge. I have two thanksgiving dinners to attend to, moms side and dads. There's going... 2
just binging? I haven't forced myself to throw up in a while but i haven't lost the binging tendancies. I feel like i have formed an addiction to food and that is... 3
Help I really need help. I just want a moment of feeling ok. I want just a moment where suicide doesnt regulate my mind. Suicide and Ed are all that is... 1
Prunes vs Laxatives. Okay so I've been reading everywhere that prunes are really good for you and that they can even help with weight loss, over eating and binging. I've... 4
overcoming Ed I havent been on here in quite a while, and I know see that thats because I was trying to ignore the bulimia thinking it would just go away. Hoping... 2
bingeing and money I moved into college this passed weekend and I've been really nervous about to what extent my b/p episodes will be. Im living in a house with a... 1
getting thru halloween hi, i went to the store to get my regular groceries, and now i must fight w/ the halloween isle. i failed and got a bag and ate the whole bag when i... 4
Please HELP me - it's back with a vengeance. I have been good for a while. In control, healthy and somewhat stable. I started with the structured eating plan, stuck to it for a couple of months... 2
Overfeeding with salads! I found that as I eat normal amounts of food I enjoy, the less liely I am to binge, the more likely I feel full. Makes sense. Though for years I... 1
I always find myself saying "this is my last binge" Do you all do this? Do you set dates for when you will stop b/ping? I always find myself saying "this is my last binge" or "monday is when I'll start... 20
Purging without binging? I have just joined and have been working on cutting down and avoiding binges. A lot of the advice on these pages has been really helpful. Does anyone... 5
How I recovered! First let me say thank you for all the kind words. I really appreciate that. I would like to share how I recovered with the hope that it can help you... 2
home alone??? I try so hard to not be home alone because that is when I binge. My parents have been gone so much lately though and I am going crazy! I don't know... 10
How ironic I love how i'm signing up for help and actively searching for ways to conquer my ED, but at the same time I am totally bingeing while doing it. It's... 3
night binges Night binges! HELP! So I have a terrible pattern which has been for a while now.. where I've been doing well during the day and then it comes to be... 44
Boredom Binges Hi guys, So overall I'm doing far better than I was previously doing, but I'm starting to find the current issues behind my behaviours, And one of... 4
Diet Pills I find that if I am taking diet pills (I've tried almost everything) that I don't throw up. However, I'm scared that they might have side effects too... 19
paxil and bulimia nervosa anybody tryn this, i wil start tomarrow, tell me what your experience is or what u have heard if anything
Is this a good strategy??? So I was in recovery last year impatient for about a week... saw a therapist for a while... but now the bulimia is back... b/p every day.... I was... 1
Food Porn? Does anyone else do this..... Google food images? Or browse online supermarket isles? I love to make 'dream' lists of binge foods, calculate prices,... 3
Breathing exercises! Hello! I reckon that just as physical exercise is necessary for a healthy body and mind, so too can breathing exercises be. They help you focus, give...
Weird Binge Foods? Strange trigger foods? Lately I've been trying a tactic to binge on 'healthier' foods if I want to binge at all in an effort to gain some control. As part of this I've... 2
self distruct I do not know why I keep doing this to myself.. since I was 13 I have been bullemic ranging from severe to very mild... but it never fully goes away... 1
How to stop binging due to tiredness and feeling ill Hey everyone, I almost had a good day today, but I felt crap all through it. I kept telling myself "just put up with it, and you'll feel better after... 3
In need of a partner in crime to combat binging/bulimia! Hey guys and gals, I'm new here, so I don't overly know where to start, but this is as good a place as any! I need help! There, I said it, it really... 14
Eating Food = Binge Trigger??? Hello All, I just finished breakfast, am comfortably satisfied, and now want to eat more. Just because I got some tasty food in my stomach. I think... 28
An amazing website :) I want to start by saying that despite the name of this site, it has nothing to do with thinspiration. I would NOT do that to any of you. But if any... 1
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