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still bingeing Hey, I'm in my 2 week of recovery and although I haven't purged I'm still finding myself bingeing on occasions. Usually I can stop before feeling too... 3
Binge help? Hey everyone, This is my first post, even though I've been a member for about a year and a half. I just had a big binge and there is no way i can... 3
101 things to do instead of binging No1... I was planning on creating a list of 101 things to do instead of a binging... then I thought perhaps as a community we could create this list... 174
Pregnant and Scared Dear all, I am sending out a plea to all. I am really scared. I have been bulimic for nearly 20 years and have found out I am 2 months pregnant. I... 3
I need help First of all please excuse my english I'm french :) So... I have a problem I'm dealing with : there is a bakery near my apartment, and they sell huge... 3
At the brink of binging Guys, just when you're about to binge after feeling an overwhelming urge to do so, what are some ways to halt it? 3
Stabalising Blood sugar etc after purging? So I know it's best not to purge but sometimes we fail at such things ... Problem is after purging I get stuck in that continuous cycle due to the... 3
tips not to binge on food I think everyone needs to put their input in on how to prevent yourself from bingeing on food. my tip: eat until you are SATISFIED. do not eat until... 20
grocery anxiety Does anyone else get anxiety from having unfinished groceries in the cupboard, like rice crackers and cheese and stuff. its hard to sleep when its... 4
Before you binge What do you do for those you love and are responsible for? You make sure you benefit their well-being. Probably why parents who hate themselves can... 3
relasping bad and feel out of control Pinge and ourge three times this week and i am ready to give up. i feel so depressed and alone. even though i am following a meal plan i still binge... 5
STOPPING THE BINGE URGE I find that once the binge urge gets into my head I can fight it for up to a day or so (even if I've been b/p free for a couple of weeks) but, until... 2
Habitual Binge??? I blogged about this, but am curious if anyone else has experienced "habitual binging"? O.K. - so yesterday I binged - BAD - but I wasn't compelled... 5
How do you beat the urge? I was wondering what everyone does to ignore/silence the urge to binge. I know it is probably specific to each individual but I am just looking for... 14
Am I Choosing to Binge??? I feel like, overall, I'm doing really well in recovery. I am almost always successful in diffusing binges, I'm able to implement the structured... 4
your best reason NOT to binge? If you woud like to, please, tell me your personal inspirational reason that keeps you from binging, at least, theoretically. 48
The battle: Me vs food This afternoon, during my snack, I started to eat my SE, I also ate an extra muffin. Suddenly, I extremely wanted to eat more... There were so many... 4
my tip :Don't stock up on unhealthy/binge food at home Hello to you all, I just wanted to share this tip "don't keep unhealthy/binge foods at home"... if you have a craving, i've found out it helps to go... 2
Scared to eat following b/p-ing I've had a very bad couple days. I am terrified to get out of bed. I now my body needs food, but I'm so scared that the second I put anything in my... 3
Flying Last night I stopped myself mid-binge by taking a few deep breaths and going out in the backyard to get some fresh air. As a result, the feeling of... 3
Risky, but worth a try.... I got this tip from a friend of mine. It has seemed to work well. I would suggest trying it the first time on a day when you have plenty of self... 2
One piece of chocolate "trips the switch" and leads to enormous binge - how can I stop? I feel like sometimes I'll be doing fine and eating well (however usually by force, I still think about food all the time), and then one tiny thing... 11
Only b/p at night. Hi everyone, i hope wherever you are in the world are having a good day/night with your recovery :) I'm curious to know who else has my "type" of... 10
What to eat when you have a strong urge to BINGE and probably PURGE Would you eat small amounts to try and not bring on a full on binge? But risking the possibility of leaving yourself un-fulfilled and hungry? and... 3
Experiences with cutting out triggers? For me my triggers are Peanut Butter (the sugar laden kind) and Breakfast Cereal. Have you found that cutting out the triggers makes it easier or... 6
Please HELP I am really depressed. I know I have made huge steps, but I'm still dealing with my weight, again & again. Now I have gained weight, and it... 3
Afternoon Tiredness/Fatigue Hey People- really need some advice here!!! So my major battle with bulimia is this: every day I come home from work and pick up my 1 year old from... 4
Morning overeating/binging Alright, so this is the upteenth morning that I've had a normal breakfast, still felt hungry (not sure if I can trust that it is actually hunger),... 4
binging without purge ...suck hi every body since i start structured eating i ended with a big binge every night, But the wierred things happened to me that i binge without pruge... 8
Dukan. - This post is not promoting the diet or dieting at all. I decided to start a week of Dukan Diet to kick start some weight loss and hopefully lose my intense sugar cravings. After 4 days I've lost only 1lb...
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