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I feel triggered My boyfriend is out for a run with a girl that he knows I am jealous of. I also went running, in the opposite direction, with my dog. I am now... 6
Need a little extra motivation? Read this. HI guys! I'm a newbie in recovery and on this site, but I can feel my life changing, and I know this time it's for real. THANK GOD (and all of you;)... 8
Vegan Diet?? I have decided that I want to at least become a vegetarian since i do not eat much meat besides turkey anyway, but since I dont want to eat dairy i... 6
Commercials for food KILL me Its so frustrating. I will be sitting watching a show and then all of sudden there is a whole big bag of tasty looking chocolate truffles. Or a... 2
First non binge on fast food! I was sitting at work and I REALLLY wanted a crispy chicken sandwich. Not the healthiest, but I really wanted one. Normally, I would to some fast... 6
Structured eating but still got major URGES - any suggestions?? I've been purge free now for 6 months - so at the stage now that even when I do binge I don't want to ruin that 6 months by purging. However, binging... 4
The thing I restrict, I binge.. chocolate help I know it sounds really obvious but I've noticed that the things I restrict is what I tend to binge on. I used to want to binge on takeaways and... 4
carrots I just binged on carrots. better than cheese and bread, but still hurting my stomach. I knew I was going to binge (I'm a teacher and we had an early... 9
please! let's discuss this! recovery tips on this site! Recovery Tips Avoid counting down the days since you last binged and purged. By counting days you will then be constantly waiting for something to... 5
Pretty nails?! Okay so this morning i was swimming and i was letting my mind wander, as per usual and i came up with a possible idea - i want your thoughts first... 11
stopping the binges i'm so confused. WHY do i want to binge? I actually think I WANT to. even though. I KNOW how bad it will make me feel in the end. I still can't seem... 4
For those who haven't purged in a while but are still struggling with binges Hi everybody, I was wondering if there's anybody, like me, who hasn't purged in a while and isn't restricting but is still struggling with the... 8
Avoided a binge Yay! Yesterday I was on the brink of binging because I was so hungry in the morning and ate more at breakfast than I wanted to. But I realized that... 2
It really works.. A few months ago the last thing I wanted to do was have to eat 3 times a day like a "normal" person. I thought of starving myself out of bulimia,... 2
Day 59 - Part II Well, I promised that no matter what I would post the second part of the day. If you read Part I, I nearly gave into a binge this morning, just...
DAY 59 - Something in my head is trying its hardest to make me binge So its Day 59 and I was too lazy to go for a run this morning, so got up and ate a bigger breakfast than normal - but thats okay, it wasnt a binge... 5
What goes through your mind during a binge? I've always wondered what other people think during a binge. I have thoughts of failure and more lies. Like now its 1 in the morning and i'm busy... 98
Binging & Keeping it down Hey Guys, just thought i would ask...I have been pretty good in recovery, and have come a HELL of a long way.. but these last 2 or 3 weeks.. i have... 7
getting out of the b/p cycle i used to be bulimic in that i ate everything in sight and felt so sick after i NEEDED to throw up, sometimes i didnt even make myself. now im trying... 2
How I stopped a binge I almost binged. I had the time. I really wanted to...I've been feeling "bingy" all day. The binge starts when I am distracted. I put out so much...
Is it a binge? Last night around 1 am I couldn't sleep and I ate some food like cookies and a slice of cake. I had had a good day of structured eating, including a...
DAY 46 - Writing through the tears :( Its hard to understand how this morning I was writing replies on how good I felt and encouraging others to fight on as things only get better....... 5
Need techniques to control the urge I binged during lunch today and now I feel slightly bad about myself, but at the same time, I am proud that I did not purge. It is has been three... 6
Tea,please? Does anyone here find drinking tea really helps them relax? If so, which one?I usually like chai with hot milk but I don't think its considered a "... 10
Cigarettes? I'm not sure if anybody has already asked this but I looked all over and couldn't find anything. Does anybody smoke as a way to prevent a binge? Or... 12
Structured Eating doesn't seem to be working!! :( Hey Everyone, Just wanted to cry out loud that structured eating doesn't seem to work, i feel like I'm just binging all the time. I was able to eat... 3
Making a list and reading it before you feel the b/p "haze" starting to cloud your mind Hi everybody, So I was having a tough time suppressing b/p or just binges while being stressed with school pressures (but I managed to do neither one... 3
none triggering snacks? Hello. Starting with the structured eating. I have been actually doing structured eating for quite a while without even realizing it. Now i have to... 7
how to fix the habits to stop binges? I am confused - the recovery tip displayed was, fix the eating habits, and binges will fix itself. how do I know how and in which way to do that? I... 1
impulsive eating Hey guys, I noticed that since I've become bulimic I have a very difficult time controlling urges...even when I am not in a b/p cycle I still... 2
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