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Recognising different types of hunger Hey guys, I found this on this website: Hope it's useful! xx “Sometimes, we mistake other signals in our bodies for... 2
Looking for a support friend who I can email/call in a time of need :) Hi, So I have this idea in my head that having someone to call/text/email during a time when I get the "binge bug," but don't really want to go there... 45
HEELP! will i gain weight? hi! I just want to ask if eating 2,106 calories for a day will make me gain weight? Today I consumed 2,106 calories. will i gain weight tomorrow? I... 1
Curbing chocolate cravings My binges are usually triggered by chocolate and are made up of mostly chocolate. Sweet, chocolaty things like chocolate chips and ice cream are my... 2
For Students: late night studying and bingeing I am a college student and most definitely a night-owl. I know most people have problems with late-night binges... but mine are especially triggered... 3
Morning Binges I always read posts about binges being at night time but i think my worst cravings are in the morning. After my planned breakfast the cravings start... 4
Battling a craving RIGHT NOW! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Seriously this site is my savior! Any tips on how to avoid binging? I will no longer tell my nan to stop smoking haha if the... 1
england calls hey, i was just wondering if there was anyone on the site from england? near around london area maybe? but it doesnt really matter. i just think it... 22
Am I the only one dying for candies between healthy meals? Hello guys, I am just now dying while my stomach is full of soup and massive amount of chocolated eggs. My gag reflex is even making the stuff come... 4
Stop me before it gets worse bulmically sick for the first time on Friday. At the end of last summer I became anorexic. I was starting a new college and wanted a fresh start new... 1
structured eating whilst jobless i really want to do it right this time. ive made up a meal plan with meals and snacks etc... it is a pretty stable plan which i have done before, the... 5
has anyone done this ok i am ashamed to admit this but during a binge once when i couldnt find any food,i actually routed through the bin and found a packet of unopened... 1
pills!!!?? hi , the one thing that stops me in recovery is binging. that when i try and eat a normal day i just binge binge binge!!! iv found these pills called... 1
What do you do after a binge? Do you eat after a binge/purge session? How long after? Sometimes if I eat right after I purge than i just b/p again... 1
My 10 Methods That Work Together to Bust a Binge (it might help you, too). 1. Do not let yourself starve. If you wake up hungry, eat a little something. Don't do what I did for years and try to immediately chug water, or... 16
Reasons for binging I don`t binge because I have nothing else to do, I binge in spite of the fact that I have a million other things I should be doing. I always read...
non-restricting turns to binge all week i have stopped my restrictive thoughts and allowed myself to eat what i want and when i want but every single day, it leads to a binge. i... 16
Sweet Cravings So what do you do if you have a sweet craving? Do you ignore it and hope it goes away? Or do you think that could make the urge worse and lead to a... 13
non-binge rewards I usually binge whenever I feel I deserve some sort of reward. So I'm having trouble finding non-food ways to reward myself. I don't do manicures... 12
good books? anyone have any good ED related book suggestions? Or random books that help keep the mind on something else? not sure what to get out on bulimia at... 26
fighting off a major midnight binge! help? I just started recovery for bulimia a week ago. so far i've been doing great. i've been sticking to a good eating plan, have not binged or purged... 2
hydration station This might sound silly but it is a favourite of mine. I know its really good to get out for walks etc but i have exams and so have to be infront of...
When does the urge to binge pass? I seriously feel like even though I eat 3 normal meals and snacks every day on more or less a steady schedule, I still feel the urge to binge so... 3
in need of a binge-stopping buddy i can contact when im feeling bingey im 17 years old and i live in the us. tomorrow will mark the 1 year of the first day i ever binged in my life. i think one year is long enough to... 5
Binge Prevention hey everyone! im looking for alternatives or ideas about how to get myself out of that 'mood'. that feeling when all i can think about is bingeing... 3
Is this a Binge, how do i breakt my cycleÉ Haha okay so i'm not very good at writing and such... so im just going to ask. How much do you have to eat to consider it a binge because i eat like... 7
can't stop - the urge is too heavy! hi! I have pepared lots of strategies what to do if I feel the urge to binge. I also have promised myself thousands of times NOT to binge the next... 12
Life Without Ed Has anyone ever read Life Without Ed? Well in the book, the author talks about her battle with bulimia and how she slowly recovered. She had the help... 9
How long did it take for the urge to binge to stop -after stopping purging? Hello, So i know everybody is different, but I was wondering from experience how long did it take for people's binging cravings to go away after they... 3
'fat free yohgurt'!!!??? ok so i know the fat free sugar filled yohgurts are just as bad for you... but i just wanna know if anyone else feels guilty and horrible afta... 11
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