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What will i do when i can't Binge and purge? Okay so i'm having some trouble. I'm giong to residential in January, so in about four weeks or less. I'm scared. Not exactly of being in treatment... 2
Pretty nails?! Okay so this morning i was swimming and i was letting my mind wander, as per usual and i came up with a possible idea - i want your thoughts first...
Pretty nails?! Okay so this morning i was swimming and i was letting my mind wander, as per usual and i came up with a possible idea - i want your thoughts first...
how many calories? I started structured eating about a week ago, the first two days i was okay and then from then on i went down hill. I started binging again and now i... 3
spiritual bottles of lushness My mum bought these little really beautifully packaged 3 flower essences to give a helping hand with diet, detox and healthy living regimes. She said... 8
Binging without purging...? Hey guys... I'm new to recovery, (Well new to doing it properly anyway!) and have been doing ok so far. I have had lapses where I have binged and... 4
Overfeeding with salads! I found that as I eat normal amounts of food I enjoy, the less liely I am to binge, the more likely I feel full. Makes sense. Though for years I... 6
Will one binge count? ok, I had a Cross Country meet today, and a mom decided to bring jumbo Safeway oatmeal and chocolate cookies. Being hungry, I decided to have a piece... 1
curbing a binge hey! does anyone have any binge busting alternatives they want to share? when i get the binge urge and im not intuitively hungry and feel like... 1
Accountability buddies? Anybody down to start this up? By having someone to check in with on a daily basis, I think I'll be more inclined to ACTUALLY start making changes... 24
gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr-bad work. So i have just had a rubbish 16 hour day at work. all rude people and crap with colleagues so i came home and b/p. why am i letting work do this to...
harder than it seems I made it one whole fabulous week. In my head, this problem no longer affected me. Does anyone else find that the one week mark is very common for...
Living at home Hey everybody. I'm still living at home with my parents, and have no realistic way of getting out any time soon. My parents do not know about my ED,... 13
When does eating become a binge? This question might sound really stupid, but - when does eating food become a binge? For example, I'm really trying to recover, and I think I need to... 7
on purpose binge to test myself my last binge, about an hour ago, i think i rationalized it by actually bingeing on purpose to see if i could stop myself from purging. it was an... 9
hungry during a binge? hi all...i am desperately trying to stop my b/p cycle, lately stopped the purge, now i need to stop the binge. i was wondering during a binge, are we... 4
How to control anxeity at 3:00 am in the morning. I have being doing great for two days. Today at three in the morning I had my first binge. I feel that I can control my anxiety during the day, but I... 5
Eeeeeeeeeek- help! Feeling it bad right now :( I'm desperately trying to avoid a binge and am doing everything I can not to. It's freezing outside, otherwise I'd be out walking. Anybody on here... 12
late night bp's... neone else get this???? like late ngiht earli mornin! iwork 2 jobs so split shifts.get home jus afta 830pm. hav dinner by 930.n that in its self sux coz 'they' say not to... 2
afternoon binges Been really struggling with afternoon bingeing. I can survive breakfast and even lunch but right after lunch the urge to binge is terrible. I get... 6
"Fast Food Diet"- Does anyone think this would make any sense? So over the last few days I've realized EVERY food is a binge food- if i have it, I will eat it. Heres my thought for a temp fix until I get a better... 3
Ahh help! REALLY feelin the urge right now... I'd say the tag line's pretty explanatory... Anybody else there right now? 2
Decode your cravings I was looking on Women's Health, which has a lot of really interesting articles and such. And I stumble across this "Decode Your Cravings". It's... 1
Binge-Busting Task Swap Ok so maybe this is a bit of a nuts idea... but, I had this idea. I'll name it The Binge-Busting Task Swap... What you do is when you are feeling an... 2
feeling healthy! when you've gone a while without b/p, what kind of improvements do you or other people notice? i have to say that: my skin and eyes look much... 1
binge without purging How on earth do you guys manage to not purge after a binge? I mean a major binge, not just a little overeating. I get so scared that my clothes won't... 5
the day after a binge hi all, i need some advice, anything would be so appreciated. i binged a lot today, a lot of sweets..i'm not sure what to do for tomorrow. should i... 4
time spent What could we all do with all the extra time we will have when we stop binge/purging or stressing out about food and our EDs! I look forward to the... 1
two people!! Does anybody else feel like they are two people? I morph into someone else entirely when I want to binge/am bingeing. I tell myself about a billion... 3
i feel a binge coming on . . . It's been over a week since my last humongously gross b/p . . . and almost a week since I've weighed myself. Needless to say, my anxiety is thru the...
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