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The urge is disappearing! For the past 12 days I have for the first time in a looonnnnnggg time experienced hunger and fullness, and it was amazing. I've been having trouble... 7
Disgusted and Embarrased (just recorded a binge) It's been a week now since I started my food journal. I have recorded every single thing that I put in my mouth. Today though, I recorded my first... 1
After bingeing My b/f has raised an interesting issue which I would like to share with you and get your opinions on. After I have b/p, I generally feel very... 2
What isn't a trigger!? I've basically have hit rock bottom with my binging. I don't know a time where I don't want to binge. I want to binge when I'm alone, bored, hungry,... 3
Depressed before eating? Hi there! I was wondering, does sadness sometimes trigger b/p? I've been very depressed today, and as a result, I binged A LOT. Nearly all day. The... 1
Thinking about food Does thinking about food cause you too binge? If I constantly think about food and think that I'm restricting during the day then it generally ends... 4
hunger all the time hi guys, I'm a little confused and worried because I feel like I'm...NEVER full or able to get filled up. I feel like I'm hungry all the time, even... 2
Reward ourselves So I really started thinking about the money I spend per week on binge food and what I could buy for myself instead. Realistically, I should be... 4
Trigger Foods What should I do? Avoid them all together for now? When can I have them? Anything sweet and junky is a trigger, and anything easy to get into my... 2
What do I do to make myself feel better other than eat sweets??? So I've been reading through other blogs, chats, and forums. It confuses me that so many view b/p as a punishment. As result of hating themselves.... 5
Support thread... binge bust together ok here's the idea. if you are feeling a strong craving to binge and/or purge post about it here. what is going through your mind, why you think you... 6
epic revelation This is just sort of a realization that i've had while i'm sitting here reading other posts. I looked over at my desk at the pack of birth control... 3
Keeping certain foods out of the house? I've heard two completely opposing views about keeping food in the house and how it relates to binge-eating. I hear some advice that says to keep all... 8
Advice for getting back on track after a three day binge Hi everyone, I am feeling terrible right now, I have just moved apartments and I think the stress and lack of familiarity with my surroundings led to... 5
Weed I enjoy smoking weed occasionally (like maximum once per month or every 2 months) you think I should not smoke it at all while I'm trying to... 4
homeopathy...any one tried it and how did it work for you? Hiya im very new and ready for a new start. ive literally tried everything over the years apart from talking to people so im starting now...i think... 2
What to do when PMS strikes? I've been gradually getting better...but today PMS hit me like crazy, and I want to eat EVERYTHING. I'm full, emotionally I feel good, but the... 3
Easter.... Hi everyone, Sooo like some others here, my family does not know about my ED. I just looked at the dining room table and my mom has set a box of... 2
Aisle 12? No thanks I'll shop aisle 7 So today I went into my regular binge store, Dollar General (always embarrassed because the same women see me go in and out daily with loads of junk... 5
An anti trigger :) I have recently began eating normally, which hasn't stopped my b/p, but what has helped me realize I shouldn't is simply taking my daily medication... 6
Binge count downs I used to think   "If only I go long enough without binging then sooner or later I will no longer feel the need to do it" But...this never worked! A... 1
Today I will be good! During my bulimic years I used to always tell myself as soon as I woke up "today I will be good - no binging, no purging - I will eat healthy and... 19
New years resolutions Every year around this time i am split between i should try and lose weight and oh i just want to eat normal and stop all this eating disorder stuff... 4
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