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1 Year relapse Hey, I am here again, i followed your book one year ago and i did very well, i went over 8 months without purging, in did maybe twice in between but...
Help! Aussie gal Looking for support buddy I've just had a massive relapse and I'm feeling pretty awful! I know from past recovery attempts that I have it in me to get better but I need some... 5
Cycles of success, only for failure. Destructive thoughts. I just need help. I need positive words in my life. Hi everyone. I have been having off and on good days/weeks. I love when I don't binge and purge. My face feels better. I don't feel bloated. I feel... 4
weight not settling at all after 5 months?? still gaining. .. Hi there im really really struggling ive been in recovery for 5 months and im still gaining I currently am classed as morbidly obese where as with... 3
Email buddy? Hello all!! I am in desperate need of a support group or a support buddy so if anyone is keen for regular emails or messages let me know. I am 25... 2
Not getting anywhere Feel like I can't stop! I start so strong and keep failing, I don't knw wht to do anymore. 6
HUGE QUESTION, very important!! Hi Guys my name is Coral, I´m mexican and have been following BHM for some time now. I love this work, work it has helped me tremendosuly. I have 2...
I was b/p free for more than 4months and it felt soo good-- i am 19 weeks pregnant now and having a hard time I was doing so well, until that morning sickness gave me the old feeling of my bulimia self- i even forced myself to keep it down when i wsas just so... 3
Lets so a "eating disorder anonymous" meeting in LA ! Hey everybody ! I think there are a lot of people in need for help in person so I will give my house for meeting in LA ! For free and no names needed...
low confidence Hi. I've been struggling with bulimia for almost two years now. My ED began when I was 17 and gradually fell into anorexia. I did not even realize... 1
Overeaters Anonymous Hey all! I was wondering if anyone had any experience of Overeaters Anonymous? Opinions? (Welcome US opinions, but am also interested in UK opinions... 3
Mutual support? Heeeeeyyy.... I'm 25 and have been struggling with various eating disorders since 2009 (wow its scary to think it has been that long). And now... 4
Buddies anyone? Hello, I am currently living in Brazil and would love to have a friend to help. I have always done better working with others, I~m looking for... 2
Support Groups in London Does anyone know of any good support groups in London (preferably south London).....im rele struggling at the moment and feel I need some more... 6
how about 30 days challenge? I always do better when I am accountable.. what if we do 30 day challenge? If we anyone slips the day doesnt count? 28
Complete addicted and unable to stop No matter what I do, I remain completely obsessed and preoccupied with food, especially sweets. My work office is full of baked goods and candy... 2
Male in Australia (Sydney) looking for a recovery buddy Hey, I'm a 26yo guy recovering from bulimia looking for a recovery buddy(ies?). Another guy would be cool (I know there's more of us out there, just... 1
Who wants to be pen pals? Anyone who wants to PM me their address will be surprised with a little gift in the mail, maybe a drawing or a postcard, or a letter, who knows?! I... 1
Faith and Recovery--Supporting Each Other I have a relationship with Christ and that is a really big part of my recovery. Trusting and believing in Him that He will give me the strength to be... 6
BIPOLAR ALLIANCE I suffer from bipolar I. I know there are others here who suffer as well. I say we team up so we can have a spot to both talk about our struggle with... 6
relapse these past three days have been like hell. keep bingeing, purge once, one mini purge. today i hope to keep food in. feel so discouraged and sick. am... 4
slip up what do you do when you have a slip up are so motivated to get back on the train of 3months purge free and are hard enough on yourself about this and...
Anyone in or near michigan? Just looking for a support buddy to talk to. Just started out and would love some support and to help someone else too (: 3
Can this actually be recovery! :' ( I am ready to give up! I have heard of so many people that have a month or more free of binging after starting recovery before their first "relapse... 3
Anyone from Manitoba? I would love to have a support friend from nearby - anyone on here interested from Manitoba, feel free to send me message. Kat
Travelling with bulimia I am going travelling for 6 months with my sister and a close friend (who doesn't know I have bulimia but my sister does). I am so worried about it... 5
Looking For Support. These past few weeks have been really hard. It's so depressing to fall off the wagon again. I have been on and off bulimic for 6 years now... Its so... 3
Whys is it so hard to follow through? Every morning, I wake up telling myself it's not going to happen. Not today. Not to me. I go the whole day driven and motivated to stay true to what... 5
Phoenix AZ? I was just wondering if there was anyone in the Phoenix Arizona area who might be willing to get together sometime as support buddies. Reading the...
HELP Can anyone help me please, i am not doing great at all, i need help please i am begging, can i talk to someon who can help me, i feel as if i am... 4
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