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Coaching Anyone had it? Not sure I need it but I received an email this morning to say that there was availability. I'm settling into SE nicely now!... 16
Falling Down I did so well in my first month of recovery. I was feeling great and so excited to be moving on with my life. Since then, I have fallen down. I... 1
Emotional urges to binge Hi. I'm new here. I'm bulimic since a few years now, with some good periods in recovery. I did a therapy a long time ago. I actually don't even now... 2
COLLEGE!! I have an audition today, i have been up all night. Not stopped b/p all night and all day yesterday, I dont know what to wear?. Wish me luck ill need... 1
just a general question hey everyone how are we all? I dont mean to be mean but i am need of advice and i post blogs and no one seems to write back:( 5
Endless hunger. Does anyone else here feel like no matter how much they eat they never feel full? I am trying so hard not to let myself fall into the b/p cycle but... 4
Is being extremely tired normal during the first week? This is my 5th day doing SE and I'm exhausted. The bloating I know is normal and I'm definitely going through that too. I know my body is tired, but... 1
Late night and stuck in auto pilot Does anyone ever find themselves stuck in the middle of a binge in the middle of the night? Sometimes Ill go to bed, and wake up hungry. Ill just... 4
increased binging in recovery Hi everyone. Recently I have fallen back into the binge/purge cycle.. I am not exactly sure why but I feel as if the gains I have made are slowly... 3
Feeling hopeless :( I am sorry that my first message on this forum is a sad one, but I felt that I just needed to write my worries and feelings and be heard (read) by... 3
going home is such a trigger Going home is so triggering for me. I like about an hour from my house and always am so trirggered by all the food my parents keep around they house... 3
Support in Australia Wondering if there is anyone from Melbourne Australia or country Victoria Castlemaine and surrounding areas who can provide support to me,i live in...
Bumpy ride So after making it through Christmas dinner and te two days prior which were also filled with holiday fooding I feel like if I purged I would've... 1
Vegans/Vegetarians Any vegans or vegetarians on here who wanna share some of there meal plans or what their structured eating is like? I'm feel like I'm eating enough... 8
Bulimia in Singapore This is a call to all bulimia-sufferers in Singapore to come together to discuss their issues with recovery such as overcoming binge urges,...
Bodybugg Is anyone familiar with the BodyBugg? I got one a couple years ago when I worked at a gym that wanted me to sell them, I felt like I needed to try... 1
I'm unfortunately back I thought I was recovered. It was about 10months with out purging although the binge was still ensue once in a while. Now, I have been binging and... 2
Meal plan woes. Hi everyone, I really need some help/feedback/constructive criticism on my meal plan at the moment. I preiously recovered before with a very... 8
Contradictory info in the ebook!? Please help Hi all, I have just emailed this to support@bulimiahelp. Anyone feel confused about this? or able to help me? Thank you as right now im feeling very... 15
Local Support buddies.. Hi Guys Im living in London and in desperate need of a support buddy.. Is there anyone out there who is in the same situation? xx 6
No Control in my life.... I've been on the site for about an hour now reading blogs and posts and though I didn't want to write a thing, I finally feel like I have the... 3
Our Special Secret Does anyone else just feel a little bit smug about what they've learned about the dangers of restricting? When I watch girls in the office calorie... 3
Urge to binge after 3 days! Hi everyone I am having massive urges to binge. Forth day starting the program and every three days the urges come on. I am trying to not binge and... 4
feeling down Well, I had a great first week. I somehow managed to only purge 2 times in a week, normally about 45 times! I stayed on the structured eating plan... 7
Terrible Relapse... (please be careful reading, could be triggering) Hey everyone, I hate saying this, but I relapsed big time last night. I had to go to this wedding, and when I got there, there was no way out of it... 7
Red Wine, Builimia, Weight Gain Oh my! Hi Everyone :) Today, I have come to realize my bulimia is a legitamte issue now, not just something I do "now and again". I gained... 3
Anyone up for a Holiday Challenge? I am making a commitment to myself to make it the rest of the year with no b/p. Since the holidays are coming up, I am hoping to gain some... 9
In Need of Words of Affirmation I wasn't sure if I wanted to use this portion of the site but you're all here and you're all hopeful and damn inspiring and I don't want to do this...
Feel like I'm slipping after 2 years of recovery :( Ok so it is almost been exactly 2 years since I found this website and began my road to recovery. I was doing great! I gained a bit of weight the... 3
Support in Melbourne...anyone out there...? Hi guys, I'm relatively new here although not new to Bulimia but am at least on a much better journey than I have ever been...I just want this damned... 1
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