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I am so stressful and anxious when my mother is around when I am living alone, I am doing well. when my mother is around, I am soooo anxious and stressful I am 24 now, and she is still over controlling my...
Looking for a Melbourne or Australian Support Buddy Hello! I'm looking for a support buddy who lives in Melbourne or Australia that has around the same world clock time! Support buddy also would be an...
recovery friend I need a recovery friend to support eachother all day! We can do this. Do you have whatsapp? I talked to a girl in the coaching program and she told... 1
recovery friedns, anyone? Hello Do you want to exchange whatsapp numbers to be able to text us us our meals and snacks and go well with SE? And DONT EVER binge again? It...
Recovery Friends Okay, well I guess it's my turn to post something! I am new to the site and to recovery. I've had bulimia for about 4 years now, but have been slowly... 1
Bulimia Recovery Friend to send us our meals and help while wanting to binge? Anyone to exchange Whatsapp numbers? Hello! In the coaching program a girl told me she got through 2 weeks without binging and purging because she found a friend on my bulimia help . com...
Anyone in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts in the States? I just need help. Someone I can confide in. Someone to help me talk myself through the urges. 1
I'm not purging but..... I'ts been 2 months since I purged the last time......however I'm not feeling like I'm movving forward. I can't stop to think about diets, how many... 3
Local Recovery Buddy? - Northern Maine USA Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there was anyone from Maine, USA or New Brunswick, Canada. I have heard of people meeting up and talking and...
Relapse Help Hi there, After 45 days B/P free i have relapsed and don't seem to be able to get back on track... Please, any advise is very welcome :-) 3
Scottish Recovery Buddies.. Hey.. im in serious need of support. any scottish/near scotland people out there looking for a buddy? im 21 and have struggled for 7 years. get in...
Telling the boyfriend - experiences? After my slip up this weekend on day 28 of recovery I am starting to realize that it may be time to tell someone about my bulimia. Starting to... 10
Recovery Buddy Hey! I'm looking for a recovery buddy as I feel like it would be really beneficial. I'm 24 years old, I live in Melbourne and I have been struggling... 6
Why can't I just stop??? I just want to stop the purging! I feel like I have tried everything, but I get distracted, busy, tired, stressed, every excuse under the book, and... 14
Need a supporting friend I and would love to have a recovery friend! I am from Sweden and at the very start of my recovery... its been one day... including today haha. But I... 4
Please someone give me advice Hi my name is Sarah and im new to this website. I have been doing structured eating for a month now and have gained a lot of weight an I am always... 1
Looking for an online support buddy who's up for a challenge Is anyone of you looking for a support buddy and up for a challenge? I'm 25 years old and have been struggling with bulimia since 9 years. I'm... 11
Binging is not the issue for me, rather purging any food due to my fear of it. Does anyone else purge and not really binge?? I do find this site very helpful but I still feel as though I am one of the minority as I don't really binge. What I consider a binge is eating more... 4
relapse I was off to such a great start with my recovery, introducing new foods, feeling confident and like I had this thing beat. I thought I had balanced... 8
Private Room Rehabilitation Hi all I'm 27 here. Am wanting to kick off this terrible disease as it had been destroying my life for a very long time. I've actually wanted to do a... 2
Support in the UK Hey guys, As awesome as this site and all you guys are, sometimes when I can't get online and my irrational thoughts are getting the better of me, I... 9
Fear What are we all afraid of? Afraid of the uncertainty of being too full? Afraid that eating foods we normally restrict ourselves from are suddenly... 1
United States I am from Connecticut and was wondering if anyone on here is from the US - around that area? There are absolutely no support groups or resources... 1
Pregnant and Struggling I am three months pregnant and am struggling in trying to overcome by bulimia. I am wondering if there are any other women who have struggled and... 4
How do I get a friend on the road to recovery? My friend confessed their bulimia to me a week ago. I said I would help any way I could. Their initial confession offered temporary relief but since... 2
Sad, but in a "white noise" way... Hello all, I haven't been trying, and it's depressing to think about. What do you do when you just give up? What pushes you back to try? Fear?... 3
Looking for a support buddy that lives in/near Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire area i'm 17 year old female and i'm currently at college full time, i'm really desperate for a every day support buddy of similar circumstances to... 4
Looking for a recovery buddy in Perth Hi all, I'm new here. I'm a 32 year old newish mum and I've had bulimia for 12 years. I'm heartily sick (no pun intended) of the person I've become... 1
Accountability (through email and probably skype) Hi everyone, I feel a bit nervous about asking this, and have put it off for a while, but here we go. At the moment, I am totally stuck in a rut. I... 11
Anyone available to help? I really nee help getting through this and to eat normally. I would get a coach but its too expensive. Can anyone help me for like 2 weeks? Maybe... 6
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