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im new and could use some friends Hey everyone I just started this today and need some friends! I have finally decided bulimia has to stop its getting out of control and this is going... 2
RECOVERED... but Hi everyone, I consider myself recovered from bulimia, however I have relapsed before but years and years ago. Does anyone else find it really hard... 6
Midwest Support Buddy? Hey There! I'd really like to have someone to talk to. I'm currently in St. Louis but from the East Coast. Anyone want to be my friend and beat this...
Recover together- suppourt buddies ! Hey tomorrow being a new month and a Monday both perfect situations to start something new such as recovery... I vote put the last month behind us if... 7
Melbourne Australia Buddies Hello! Just wondering if there are any people from Melbourne Australia out there? I feel like I have lost so many friends because of this disorder... 1
just joined- someone to talk to hello i just recently joined after struggling with bulimia for about a month, lately its got out of control ive been tryign to recover but cant do it... 7
Finding people to share my bulimia with :( Hi guys im new here! And as i wrote LoL im jus trying to find someone who undwerstands what im goin through. I do CRAZY and DISGUSTING and DEGRADING... 18
England? Are there any people from South England on here? x
cant relax. I find it really difficult to sit down for longer than 30min without eating, moving or leaving the house. I dont know if I have ADHD or even believe... 9
Girl of the northwest! Hey, my name is Mandy, and I'm a girl of the northwest! I love nature, trees, and mountains galore! I'm about an hour to the Canadian border actually... 1
lookinf for a recovery buddy im 17 and i live in pa. im looking for someone i can email/text message when i feel a binge coming on so we can support each other through this... 1
chat online? Hi everyone! Is anyone interested in chatting in MSN? We could talk and support each other, just chat... 1
Accountability Partner Looking for someone I can check in with every day. I am really struggling to beat bulimia on my own! 1
CRAP-Binge without purge Does anyone else get soo full, they end up falling asleep, when they planned on purging. Then the day after you feel soo.. bruised all over, the... 4
Canadian friends? Anyone else in Ottawa? Or close by-ish?
Someone I can call when I'm about to binge Since I've never done well with "PROFESSIONAL help", the only way I think I can get through this is through self-recovery. I'd like to have someone... 1
Need an emailing friend Hi-I can't get through this disease. i'd love to talk via email with someone to help get through. I don't want to see a counselor, and I dont want to... 3
Support buddy Heyy I am 17 and i have had bulimia for like 2 years, although i thought i had recovered as i stopped b/p for like 3-4 months but then it started... 2
needs support ASAP! i feel like purging.. I NEED TO PURGE! its really late at night but i know my aunty will hear me, so i have all this food in my stomach and i can't... 6
Anyone from MA or CT? My hometown is in CT, but I am currently in college in MA. Right now I am trying structured eating and would love to have and give some support.... 5
MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor? or verizon? I go to UofMich, I'm 20 and so badly want someone to talk to who knows the cycles of bulimia, not just someone who can "sympathize" or feel sorry for...
Paris? Hey, would really like a buddy to share recovery with and maybe anyone in Paris? Otherwise msn/fb/email...? (-: 2
new-ish.... needing some support to stay on track .. anyone?? Hiya! my name's Cassie, signed up on this site months ago but kind of 'forgot' about it for a while, but i'm back and ready to throw myself into... 6
Southern California?? i need someone who can hold me until i feel safe
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