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Support in Omaha, NE Hi All, I would really like to find a texting buddy and maybe someone to meet up with for support. Noone understands what we are going through... 1
Anyone from Melbourne? or country victoria im in Bendigo Looking for people from Melbourne or Bendigo area or country Victoria? looking for some close support buddies to get me through the hard times during...
Support buddy Hi I am hoping to find a support buddy who wants to be well more than be thin . . . I know, a tough thing for all of us! It would be cool to have... 1
Texting buddy Hello everyone. My name is Alina and I live in the USA. Is there anyone from the US who wants to be my texting buddy? please, write me back 2
Looking for some texting friends Im currently living in Toronto and have time off from work, I was hoping that there was someone in the area with free time as well for support and... 2
Support friend to text! hii i would really find it helpful if i can have someone to text to offer me support and ill do the same... If you are interested please text me on... 4
Day 2 of SE - concerns and anxieties about upcoming events So today and yesterday have been good, healthy and generally focused on positive thinking and/or stopping myself when that negative voice comes in.... 3
Purging when you feel really sick I drank a lot last night ( I know not the best idea in recovery). I felt incredibly sick this morning but couldn't throw up. I ended up making myself... 5
26 year old looking for a friend in UK Hi my name is Lora and I'm looking for a female for a friend :) I currently living in Berkshire in the UK, though I'm from the Northwest (Manchester/... 1
Telling someone about your ED I really want to tell someone in my life about my struggle with an ED, but it is so hard. I dont know how to go about doing it! any advice? 4
Text Support Buddy Hey everyone, I tried email support buddy, but we kept on missing each other and we just fell apart. I think that texting is better so that I won't... 1
I'm stuck in a rut!! I have had the most terrible month and I feel like I'm stuck in one of those horrible ruts again. Recovery was going really well, I did 21 days in a... 2
I'm so afraid of recovery! I've been suffering from bulimia for five years. Very recently I was diagnosed with gastro oesphageal reflux disease (GORD), my GP and dietitian are... 4
In Need of Help: Motivation For Structured Eating I am fairly new to this site and have read through most of the ebook. While I recognize the importance of structured eating, and how essential that... 3
DAILY CHECK-IN Hi all, I am right at the beginning of recovery and haven't yet found my bulimia-free routine. I just had really shitty relapse because I stopped... 19
music Listen to Tom Petty learning to fly. Lady Ga Ga Born this way Javieor Colon Fix you! Use headphones and cry works for me!!! Try Simply the Best TINA... 2
Newby! Need a buddy! Im new to this and I just want tonget through ONE day at a time. Right now, I cant even get through 1 day :( 4
Florida or anywhere Anybody here in Florida? I am looking for support buddies! Add me even if you're not in Florida! 10
To tell or not to tell? Hi all, I am just about to start the recovery program and was wondering how much I should tell my husband about all my ED and will of recovery? Could... 2
Panic attacks and binging. Lately I've been experiencing what i assume to be panic attacks. I'm pretty stressed at college and have a hectic work load but due to my... 2
what keeps you going your motivation hi my name is polly i am new to all this today i have started many ways for different reasons but i am looking for what part of this program keeps...
recovered bulimics going through CONTINUOUS GERD! The reason why recovered bulimics have GERD even years after throwing up is because our muscle in the oesophagus bottom know as lower esophagus...
Advice for getting back on track! Just need some advice. This week has been troubling for me, I've binged/purged three times after almost a month of doing great. How do you guys get... 1
Stuck in a rut! I really need to come on this forum more often, It's just i am kind of more involved in the less healthy kinds.. but i really felt the urge to come...
Anyone from Melbourne I would love to meet fellow Australians. I have no support with this, and to have support or even people to meet with who understand how this is...
Anyone in San Francisco area? Hi. I am wondering if there is anyone else who is in San Francisco. I am interested in forming a support group to meet in person. Please let me know... 1
Eugene Oregon I'm looking for someone I could actually meet and spend time. Just going out for walk or supporting each other.
Relapsing into the cycle Hi All! I have been receiving emails from Bulimia help for almost a year now but just got the courage to fully join. I have been doing well on my own... 4
Support/Room mate buddy Hi all For this whole month, i have been bp so badly that i thought i was dying! Shun away from friends, felt so alone. Refrain from going out, and...
End of the road. I havent been on here along time because i fell off the recovery wagon. My parents had gotten a divorce and it was a messy one. After years of... 9
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