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Back after a relapse and looking for a daily texting buddy! So after a 2 month relapse am back and really need to get this under control! These last two months have turned into pretty much daily b/p... I am... 6
Anyone from liverpool? I am 25, live in Liverpool and have suffered with Bulimia for 7 years. I'd love to connect with people who live close by as I've isolated myself a... 3
London support or email,skype chat, support I am in my early 30's. I have been binging and purging for 20 years!!! Wow thats so long. i am starting to put on weight from it as I hav lapsed into doing it every other... 4
Inredibly embarrassed, needing support Hiya, I'm looking for some support and inspiration. I've been on the website for a week, starting off on a self confidence high. Since then I have... 2
Anyone in Glasgow, Scotland? I am a 28 year old female living in the west end. I've been struggling with bulimia for 7 years ( my god can't believe its been that long) but... 5
buddies in scotland (edinburgh) hi i am 21 and have been bulimic for about a year. i'm looking 4 someone 2 talk 2 either by email or text, preferably in scotland. there is so little... 6
You can help our community to flourish! Hi everyone! So recently it has been brought to my attention that some people feel the sense of community here at Bulimia Help is not as strong... 16
Home alone and anxious! I find it the most difficult when I am at home alone and no-one is here to monitor my eating. Does anyone else have this issue? And if so, what do... 6
anyone from nsw australia?? hey im karlii and from coffs harbour area, anyone else from around these streets? haha would be nice to have someone to chat to and maybe in person... 30
Taking the first step To anyone who may come across this post, thanks for taking the time to have a little read :) I have only recently joined the bulimiahelp.org and... 8
Southampton England? Like most people on here I'd really like someone to talk to who truely understands all this. I've never actually met and spoken to anyone going... 1
Professionals I have never ever told my doctor about what is going on with me and what I am going through. I have always feared telling a stranger about it even... 1
Southern Ontario (London area) ? It gets so lonely here. I feel lost in a big vast empty city, so full but no one to talk to. I need a friend. I promise I dont bite. 4
Discovered a New Healthy Distractor! So I just had to share my recent distraction discovery! It was purely accidental - just opening some emails, attempting to distract while I'm home... 3
Anxious and wanting to binge I've managed to take myself to a place where I'm not alone and surrounded by people to keep myself from b/p but I am feeling so out of control. All I... 4
Okay I REALLY need some help I'm failing. I'm at rock bottom and I don't know how to get better. I have been in 'recovery' for a year and a half now, and as my mum puts it, I... 1
From Bulimia to (Night) Binge Eating Disorder I've been doing really well recently with the whole purging aspect of this disorder, but the bingeing is still out of hand. I do well with... 6
Clothing that fits So I found this article that has concise tips on how to buy and keep only the clothes you wear. I find the advice to be helpful for those of us who... 2
South West Louisiana Looking for supportive friends in South West Louisiana. Together we can do it! 1
how do i get myself back on track im filled with shame and am sooooo angry at myself and my family, i was sat upset in binge blackout mode waiting for the right time to purge whilst... 4
Someone to help me through. When i think about it, it would be SO great to have a buddy, in the same recovery process as me, to keep me up when i hit lows and to keep me going... 4
Newbie-Need a buddy! I'm struggling! Feel great then I blow it binge on everything and purge. Ready to stop, need to stop, b/p has taken over my life. I hardly ever go... 16
I PASSED A MILESTONE! I made it bp-free for 10 consecutive days!! This is really good news. I've only made it past 10 days a handful of times, and most of those times, I... 6
... and up against a potential hurdle I'm on day 4 of an 8 day business trip. I have zillions of memories of being drunk and/or bingeing during these events: free food, isolation, being... 1
The benefits of bulimiahelp.org??? Hi everyone. I'm gonna pose a question here that might bring up some mixed feelings for the lot of you. And I understand that. Short background to... 7
Looking for support buddy in 30's or 40's I'm just getting started with my recovery and am forced to do it on my own due to my insurance not covering treatment. I'm 35 and have battled this... 20
Anyone over the age of 30 with bulimia? Hello are there any o you over the age of 30? it would be nice to make afew friends with people around my age and who have been living with this... 22
Long term Bulimic - Recovery Day 1 Hi, Just hoping to find a few friends out there that can help ease the pain. This is day 1...again, so here goes. I have had this @$&@#ing!... 4
Anyone in the ACT? Hi! Is there anyone else from Canberra? I've been here a year but will be moving to Adelaide in six months. 1
Support buddie needed - from ACT or anywhere in Australia Hey, I have been off this site for a while, but now am turning back to it in a time of relapse.. would love to speak/email/msg anyone from australia... 7
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