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Telling someone that you have bulimia Hi Everyone! I’m currently putting together a great free resource for Bulimia Help all about “telling someone that you have bulimia... 8
I need someone to share thoughts with I have told a few people about my bulimia including my mom, my best friend, and my ex-boyfriend. All of them didn't get it. My mom didn't respond and... 2
Melbourne, Australia - support buddies Hey, there are some old posts about ppl in Melbourne looking for support buddies, i thought i'd post an updated one to see who's still around/... 5
Hey guys Hey everyone, So I really want to beat bulimia for good and I am totally 100% dedicated this time. I would love to have someone to talk to and relate...
support buddy from long island Hi im lissa, im from long island new york. Im hopeing i can find a support buddy. I think it will really help me and it would be nice to be there for... 2
I am so weak ... I am in the downstairs toilet, everyone is in bed asleep. This has now become my night ritual, every day, I wake up in the morning and say, "I feel... 3
Skype/Study Buddy Hello all! I find it difficult to focus on my homework, projects, whether for school or outside of school. I am a senior in college and really need... 2
journal question: what do you believe about the importance of beauty? I am doing the 2 week binge free program at the back of bulimia a guide to recovery. i love it great ideas, tips, and journal topics. I cant belive... 1
Anyone from Billigs?? Does anyone live close to the Billings, Montana area???? 5
DAY 134 ...and PREGNANT!!OMG!! Just found out last week that I was pregnant...not planned! My husband is happy, I am a little...well a little all over the place. (Two months!) We... 4
Helpful book list: please add yours! I am a huge fan of womans health magazine. The models are all fit, healthy weights. Unlike fashion models who are skin and bones and make me feel... 5
Helpful books and resources I wanted to share two books that have really helped me in recovery. The first is "Feeding the Soul" by Caroline Adams Miller. It is a book of daily... 1
Words of Wisdom I have been getting up early in the morning before the kids are awake and my day starts full force, to interact with others on this website and make... 1
How is your day going? Hi everyone! Just wondering how yer day is going? :) 5
lent I'm trying to give up purging for Lent. So far, it isn't going well. I keep hearing that lapses are common on the road to recovery, and *... 1
Hi! I am new here! I just found this site and joined up hoping it can help me...I have been bulimic for almost 15 years and the longest i have gone without binge/purge... 55
Hope needed ! Hi I'm new here, so glad I found this site and am on Day 2. Have been struggling with bulimia for 18 plus years and it just seems impossible that I... 2
New Blog Post-NEDAW Please read/comment/ share! http://bit.ly/h3fFnQ As Always...LOVE hearing from you! Hope everyone is doing well! xx Teri
Sometimes I fear I WONT EVER get better Today I talked to my therapist and heard the words I have been dreading. "you may need a higher level of care" I am terrified. I don't have the time... 3
Advice Buddy! Hi! I am new to this community and I joined mainly because up to this point I have not had much support from anyone who knows what I am going through... 1
My body is begining to hoard when i b/p i feel im reaching a point after 6 yrs of b/p where my body is litterally not letting go of\verything im purging. No matter how much i drink, induce...
Id like to find a local recovery buddy Hi, i live in maryland and was looking for a local support buddy who i can call or hang out with. i have facebook if anyone wants to friend me there... 150
Houston, Tx? I'm looking for a nice girl to prowl around town with =) We can go to art shows, festivals, classical music concerts, poetry readings, shopping, spas... 1
Texas Connection! Anyone out there from TEXAS?? Capital Area maybe??? 8
I need help... I have talked to some people about my bulimia. They all didn't understand. They all concentrated on the technicalities and ignored the emotion. I... 3
Would like to form a closer support link. Basically, I'm amazed at how far this site has helped me so far. Though I'm not totally out of my habits, I'm thinking abotu recovery a hell of a lot... 1
talking on msn, email, or facebook. I'm online a lot, especially when I'm at home by myself, and thats when i tent to binge/purge. it would be awesome to have people to talk to!(: my... 1
Long time, New info. Hey everyone, I know it has been a long time since I was last on but, I haven't forgotten about any of you. I have been messing up but, lately found...
Starting to lose hope I say to myself over and over and over again. I don't want to do this anymore. This will be my last time. And I believe it (mostly) BUT IT IS NEVER... 2
plastic surgery- how many people here have ever considered it for there body, like lipo or tummy tucks or anything? i think it goes hand in hand with obsessive,... 7
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